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Roomy Naqvy (roomynaqvy) - 31,012 followers - New Delhi, India
English Professor, Writer, Translator, Blogger, Investor, Linkedin: -- writing my first #novel, #satire campus novel
Spanish Translator (_Translator) - 8,519 followers - US
English Spanish Translator Org is a free Spanish translation community where all translators can help each other with Spanish translations.
Trusted Translations (_Translation_) - 7,417 followers - US
Human translation company: Trusted Translations, Inc. is the choice of Fortune 500 companies, top government agencies and non-profit organizations.
Kenny Christian (EnglishProfi) - 2,678 followers - Stuttgart, Germany
Engineer, Thinker, Artist. Headhunter and job finder for English language pros, EFL trainers, translator, interpreter, copywriter, Voice over, localization
tradonline (tradonline) - 1,751 followers - Paris, France
An innovative and committed translation company. Located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland).
Spanish Translation (Translation_) - 1,737 followers -
Spanish Translation US's mission is to make your job easier by providing you the highest quality Spanish translations at the most competitive prices.
oneverse (oneverse) - 1,182 followers - Arlington, TX
OneVerse is a program of The Seed Company, where you can bring God's Word to people, one verse at a time!
Alison Day (alisondaydesign) - 1,177 followers - The Netherlands
Alison Day Designs: Artist ~ Designer ~ Editor ~ Translator ~ Voice Actress.
theseedcompany (theseedcompany) - 1,159 followers - Arlington, TX
Accelerating Bible translation today!
Betina Frisone (BetinasSpWorks) - 963 followers - Phoenix AZ
Awesome Spanish translator & interpreter... providing effective and accurate bilingual communication.
Christine Schmit (Iwwersetzerin) - 726 followers - Luxembourg
Freelance legal translator DE, ES, EN to FR, LB Translation & language blog: Travel photography blog:
Franceportugaltrad (fptrad) - 725 followers - Aix-en-Provence, France
Translation services in Portuguese. Language courses: Portuguese as a foreign language.
philippahammond (philippahammond) - 667 followers - Sussex
Philippa Hammond MITI. Freelance Translator, Spanish, French and Portuguese into English
Diego Bartolome (diegobartolome) - 645 followers - Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
Technological Solutions for Language Service Providers, Statistical and Rule-based Machine Translation, Natural Language Processing, Innovation. Ta with you CEO
K International (K_International) - 590 followers - Milton Keynes
K International provides translation services to global businesses and Governments. We can translate your document (or whatever else) into 150+ languages.
7 / Team (tolingo_com) - 426 followers - Hamburg, Germany
daily life in your translation agency 2.0. we share our experiences with a network of several thousand professional translators all over the world.
EVS Translations (EVSTranslations) - 195 followers - Atlanta, GA
Expert translation, interpreting and localisation services, specializing in pharma, financial and legal translations
bewords (bewords) - 98 followers - France
The innovative translation marketplace and community.
Translations (_Translations) - 86 followers -
The new user of Trusted Translations, Inc. on Twitter is Please follow http://