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Sheri Tingle (SheriTingle) - 81,778 followers - Nashville, TN
Professional speaker helping people fulfill personal and professional goals. Traveler who wants to see the world! Own a recording studio making beautiful music!
andriisedniev (andriisedniev) - 69,247 followers - Santa Clara, CA
Public speaking trainer & coach, founder of Magic of Public Speaking System, entrepreneur, author, speaker #PublicSpeaking, #PresentationSkills, #toastmaster
Lori Ruff (loriruff) - 54,221 followers - Denver, Colorado
The LinkedIn Diva | Online Reputation Personality #SocialMedia #Speaker #Trainer #Host #LinkedIn #Twitter #Facebook #SubjectMatterExpert #Author #RockTheWorld
Mike O'Neil (MikeONeilDenver) - 52,386 followers - Denver Colorado
♫ The LinkedIn Rockstar♫ #RockTheWorld #Author #LinkedIn #Sales #Trainer | #SocialMedia #Speaker | #Expert #Authority #Visionary ♫ \klas-ik-rokr'/♫
Rami Kantari (Ramikantari) - 46,881 followers - 25.19418,55.263865
Consultant, Speaker, Trainer, blogger, Coach, Olympian and Business Educator in marketing, training courses, management, leadership with Meirc Dubai.
Viveka von Rosen (LinkedInExpert) - 36,704 followers - Fort Collins, CO
LinkedIn Expert, Speaker and Trainer. Social Media Evangelist, Founder of Linked Into Business. Social Media Marketing and Social Media Trainer (activenetwork) - 33,801 followers - San Diego, CA
Endurance, Fitness & Nutrition Articles, Training Resources, Event Info, Support and Special Offers.
Marco Carbajo (MarcoCarbajo) - 33,601 followers - Novi, Michigan
Business Credit Expert. Happy to help you build business credit separate from personal credit and obtain the cash credit & financing your business needs.
Jennifer Hess (Jennifer_Hess) - 32,701 followers - Atlanta, Georgia
Brainy, daredevil, effervescent and strategic fearless leader who always pieces the puzzle together.
Brian Hess (Brian_Hess) - 30,738 followers - Atlanta, Georgia
The ‘Walter’ – Absent minded ‘mad’ techie who is quirky, huggable and wise beyond his time. Has a raw sense of humor, loves slushies and to stir up trouble.
Mike Morrison (RapidBI) - 29,831 followers - London
A Training, L&D, Coaching and OD professional - Twitter is for sharing not just selling your stuff
Olivier Vasquez (OlivierVasquez) - 27,691 followers - Drums, Pennsylvania
In a World That Doesn't, I DO. I spit Dollars and Cents when I speak - Whether you choose to listen or not is Not my Problem... :0)
Stephen #Amputee (Hydrau1) - 21,558 followers - Australia
Makers of Amputee Rehabilitation and exercise Equipment
Seal (Seal) - 20,777 followers - ÜT: 30.42084,-87.21724
New album 'Commitment' is OUT NOW WORLDWIDE. Download on iTunes:
rob riggs (robriggsiii) - 20,302 followers - Atlanta, Georgia
adventurist, motorcyclist, web developer and marketing strategist. versatile, metro-techie who picks up the pieces to always save the day
Paul Castain (paulcastain) - 16,589 followers - In A Sales Bullpen Near You!
Author Castain's Sales Playbook Trainer of sales rock stars. Keeper of the whupass. I'm a sales coach & accomplished speaker!
SEO Training Wizard (SEOTrainingWiz) - 15,814 followers - 11235 - 33160 - SEO
With over 5 years of SEO, Internet Marketing, as well as general Domaining experience; we are here to answer any questions for you and provide needed tools.
Alen Majer (alenmajer) - 15,203 followers - Toronto, ON
Sales Trainer and Author; creator of Trigger Events (2007). My new book Selling IS Better Than Sex is available now!