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Michael and jane (ThunderMoonEtsy) - 1,615 followers - Wilmington, Delaware, USA
Contemporary Jewelry Creations
Jesse International (jesseintl) - 1,277 followers - Hollywood, CA
Artist and Silversmith Jesse Lee Jacobs. Truly glamorous custom jewelry. As seen on MTV, in fashion magazines, and galleries.
jealousydesign (Jealousydesign) - 1,229 followers - Sweden
A metalsmith who makes Unique nature friendly Swedish jewelry and designs. Also an educated artist who loves art, fashion and almost all kind of music.
Gabby Rogers (Janedeauxmetals) - 469 followers - Costa Mesa
metal/silversmith, artist, graphic designer, etc.....
CharOuellette (CharOuellette) - 355 followers - Oregon USA
I am a silversmith and lampworker. Find my website at
byzantiumlotus (byzantiumlotus) - 111 followers - US
Writer, jewelry maker, costumer, and coffee addict.
Lovestruck Robot (Lovestruckrobot) - 77 followers - Miami
Fledgling silversmith

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