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Jacob Cass (justcreative) - 37,013 followers - Midtown, New York
Graphic Designer, Logo Designer, Web Designer, Blogger, Creative Thinker, Social Media Nut, Freelancer, Link Sharer.
Mike Morrison (RapidBI) - 29,831 followers - London
A Training, L&D, Coaching and OD professional - Twitter is for sharing not just selling your stuff
Jeff Schechter (ReallyShecky) - 22,234 followers - Austin, Texas
Swimming, Cycling, Raw Foods, Love Guru, Guitars, and Rock-Star Marketing. The view is awesome from here!
Michelle MacPhearson (michellem) - 13,064 followers - Petaluma, CA
SEOcial media marketing, Web 2.0, getting traffic and selling stuff like mad.
MagnovoTraining (MagnovoTraining) - 9,720 followers - U.S. | Canada | Europe
Soft skills training company offering professional development and team building workshops
Cameron Herold (CameronHerold) - 8,768 followers - Vancouver, BC
CEO/Entrepreneur Coach. Author of Double Double - How to double your revenues & profits in three years or less.
Cathy Shaughnessy (ExecCoachCathy) - 7,929 followers - Canada
I help Managers, Directors and CEOs solve big sticky business problems. Oh, and I use the word Leadership...a lot.
Sean Jacobs (RapidChangeNow) - 6,533 followers - Melbourne
Sean Jacobs is an Author, Success Coach, Seminar Presenter and Online Marketing Strategist!
SME Academy (SMEacademy) - 6,514 followers - London, UK
Helping business owners and entrepreneurs win new business and get more from their staff.
Anthony Robbins Fdn. (AR_Foundation) - 5,401 followers - San Diego
The secret to living is giving!
bizzia (bizzia) - 5,164 followers - New York
All business 24/7
Conrad Palmer (conradfpc) - 4,989 followers - Gold Coast Australia
Speaker, mentor, business coach for executives & small business
MarciaReynolds (MarciaReynolds) - 4,948 followers - Phoenix, AZ
One of the top executive coaches in the world and a thought-leader in leadership effectiveness. Huffpost & Psych Today blogger. Author of Outsmart Your Brain.
Libby Robinson, MCC (LibbyRobinson) - 3,500 followers - Paris - yeah, it's rough
Corporate Heretic, Organizational Midwife, Coaching people out of their blue suits and into (well, I can't tell you that part...)
LeadrshpAdvisor (LeadrshpAdvisor) - 3,478 followers - Cincinnati, OH (soon Helsinki)
Engineering atmosphere via leadership, culture & engagement. Facilitator of social enterprise. Humor advocate. Purveyor of unbridled exuberance.
drjohncbuckley (drjohncbuckley) - 3,465 followers - Athens, GA
Giftedness Leader/ExecuCoach; systems-level creator,educator,writer,speaker,cyclist,coffee injector; BONUS: All-around smarty pants!
Bram Selleslach (lead_tweets) - 3,267 followers - Belgium
Learn more about Network Marketing Lead Generation.
accruing (accruing) - 3,006 followers - Calgary Alberta Canada
Helping #entrepreneurs grow companies as their fractional #CMO. We build interactive sales lead generation programs that drive earnings growth.
davidsornberger (davidsornberger) - 2,891 followers - Ontario, Canada
District Principal with TLDSB. Intrigued by innovative instructional strategies, leadership development, tech, social media and books. #TLDSBLearns #LeadLearner
Bram Selleslach (bestleadership) - 2,611 followers - Belgium
Enhance your leadership skills.