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The Eccentric Raven (EccentricRaven) - 6,662 followers - Western Mass
Shop featuring the strange in this world.
Anna (movetheneedle) - 4,555 followers - Chicago, IL
Move the Needle is an etsy shop that sells journals and other handcrafted paper items.
Anna (GreetingsthtGro) - 2,983 followers - On the shores of Lake Erie, NY
30 yr old wife, mom, writer, photographer, maker of the original plantable photo cards. Loves God, barefeet, animals, dirt, organics, tea, and ranch dressing!
This Is It Creations (thisisit1) - 1,869 followers - Medford, OR
Handmade eco journals, notepads, jewelry & wedding favors! We are veg & give to animals! Grateful, mindful & inspired. Retail and wsl:
Gylphi Limited (gylphi) - 1,769 followers - Canterbury, UK
Academic Arts and Humanities Publisher focused on the Twentieth Century and Beyond. Accepting book/journal proposals.
kreativlink (kreativlink) - 1,319 followers - Austria
Crazy Creative Mind, mostly bookbinding
Lippincott (lippincott) - 1,229 followers - Philadelphia, PA
Your medical, nursing and allied health resource.
Eyeletsage (eyeletsage) - 905 followers -
stationery designer, graphic designer, illustrator...plain ol' happy :)
Susan Green (susangreenbooks) - 879 followers - Dorset, UK
Bookbinder: unique hand bound journals, notebooks, sketchbooks and miniatures.Loves sunshine, trees & Dorset's wide open spaces. Owned by lurchers.
Liane (PrairieGardenLD) - 587 followers - Chicago
Master Gardener, Photographer, Journal Maker and all things botanical...
Farren Square (FarrenSquare) - 361 followers - Edmonton aka #yeg
Feisty Feminist Mama: Breastfeeding, co-sleeping, babywearing, punkrock Fire-Dancer! I live to laugh, love, and create. And then blog about it.
Dreaming Spirals (dreamingspirals) - 268 followers - South Wales, UK
Textile Artist and Gocco Printer
The Secret Nest (kamilles) - 267 followers - British Columbia
Crafty Canadian artist-type making enigmatic animal treasures for my Etsy store. And walkin' the dogs.
Darcy Altaville (PennyPaperworks) - 252 followers - PA
Eccentric Mixed Media Paper Artist and Crafter and Mom of 3! An etsy seller, and a lover of sushi, music, books, art, fine beer, family, friends and faith!
GILD Bookbinders (GildBookbinders) - 19 followers -
Unique hand crafted leather journals.