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Angela (AfricanSand) - 5,447 followers - Baltimore, MD
I'm a Stained Glass Artist and loving every minute of it! I welcome Custom Work.
Aga Artka (agartka) - 1,721 followers - Milwaukee WI
Improving interior experiences by providing unique, sustainable and functional interior design solutions to hospitality and senior living clients.
4Q English Learning (4Qlearning) - 1,448 followers - Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
English is just a SKILL. Functional English is a LIFE SKILL.
NewMoonStudio (newmoonstudio) - 951 followers - Rhode Island
I focus on developing lines of functional ceramics as well as decorative pieces. I produce all my work on a turning wheel or build it by hand.
Heidi Fahrenbacher (HeidiMCF) - 646 followers - Plainwell, MI
I make porcelain pots and like to eat food that is hot. Interested in gardening, cooking, knitting, swimming, yoga, zumba and being outside.
JDWolfePottery (JDWolfePottery) - 608 followers - Wisconsin
Joy (joysarts) - 505 followers - Chicagoland, USA
My work is one of a kind expressional art in fused glass.Love S.Poodles, cats, Photography, ART,travel,wordsmith. Customized artwork T shirts sales aides.
Eleanor Hendriks (studioelan) - 491 followers - Fenelon Falls, Kawartha Lakes,
Canadian potter out roaming the internet world.
Rebecca Ling (rebecca) - 331 followers - San Francisco
Probably not the Rebecca you're looking for: fashion designer == @RebeccaMinkoff; 6'4 basketball star (I'm 5'2) == @RebeccaLobo
Darcy Altaville (PennyPaperworks) - 252 followers - PA
Eccentric Mixed Media Paper Artist and Crafter and Mom of 3! An etsy seller, and a lover of sushi, music, books, art, fine beer, family, friends and faith!
EmmanuelleM. on Etsy (Artiscratch) - 227 followers - Thailand- France
Fashion design yourself over and over in a flash with unique handmade functional eco kits! Concept and designs© by French artist Emmanuelle M
Kualitatem Pvt. Ltd. (Kualitatem) - 182 followers - US , UAE, Australia , Pakistan
Kualitatem is an independent Software Testing Company.
RockyDocFOCO (RockyDocFOCO) - 139 followers - Fort Collins, CO
Dr. Matthew Brennecke is a naturopathic doctor specializing in chronic disease management.
Dr Yolanda Loafer (DrYolandaLoafer) - 138 followers - Toledo, OH 43611
Where 'Sick care' ends & 'Health care' begins! We manage chronic conditions to the point of non-existence with neurological and functional medicine protocols.
Sara Goldhawk (saragdc) - 87 followers - Rochester, NY
Full time potter w/home studio on Etsy. Stoneware bowls, bonsai pots, earring holders etc for kitchen, home. Seeking new kiln soon.
Amanda M. (averitasm) - 34 followers - Upstate NY
I'm a reader, an artist, a student and new to using things like twitter.
Dajjoy Perkins (Dajjoy) - 19 followers - USA
I am health concious. I only eat raw foods and functional foods like Maca and acai