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Francisco Rosales (socialmouths) - 13,636 followers - Los Angeles, CA.
I help people be successful online through Blogging, Social Media and Online Marketing. Caffeine addict.
PopTech (poptech) - 11,830 followers - Camden, Maine
A network of remarkable people, extraordinary conferences, powerful ideas & innovative projects that are changing the world.
SocialEntrepreneur (Social_Innovate) - 7,092 followers - Adelaide, Australia
Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship News. Recognizing social problems and applying entrepreneurship and innovative principles to make a social change.
The Churchill Club (Churchill_Melb) - 4,891 followers - Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A community of technologists, entrepreneurs & innovators, whom share ideas, wisdom and experiences.
Babson College (babson) - 4,716 followers - Babson Park, MA
Entrepreneurship updates from Babson College Public Relations. Contact:
Scribendi (Scribendi_Inc) - 4,480 followers - Worldwide
The leader in online editing and proofreading services. Our professional editors offer advice about writing, grammar, editing, and proofreading.
Stephanie Frasco (askfrasco) - 3,754 followers - San Francisco
iPad lover. Blackberry Addict. Gemini. Social Media Optimizer. Entrepreneur. Crazy in a good way. World Traveler. Girlfriend of @jasonclegg. Happy Person.
C.A. Simmons (Circle1ne) - 3,000 followers - Philadelphia, PA
Hip-hop & Rap Manager / Impresario
DARE (daretostartup) - 2,562 followers - Delhi NCR, India
Magazine on entrepreneurship in India, covering Ideas, opportunity Innovation, Funding, Strategy, People, News, Statistics
Digital Rochester (Digital_Roch) - 2,374 followers - Rochester, NY
Digital Rochester is upstate NY area's pre-eminent technology business community.
Noam Kostucki (noamkos) - 2,226 followers - London
Business Artist and speaker at TED, Noam has given training, coaching and consulting at Yale University, HP, Tata, UnLtd and the British Heart Foundation.
KeepUpWeb (KeepUpWeb) - 2,223 followers - Massachusetts
I’m a friendly computer geek. I blog common-sense & low-cost tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Drop by and say “Hi”.
businessmakers (businessmakers) - 1,435 followers - Houston, TX
Radio Show and Podcast featuring entrepreneurial resources & hundreds of interviews with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and more
Startup Leaders (startupleaders) - 1,400 followers - Philadelphia, PA
Philly Startup Leaders unites isolated entrepreneurs into a network of ambitious leaders who inspire, energize, and empower each other.
SIFE Simon Fraser (SIFEsimonfraser) - 1,013 followers - Vancouver, BC, Canada
Students in Free Enterprise [SIFE] Simon Fraser. SFU Student Organization that uses an entrepreneurial approach to have positive impact in the community.
Vik Gill (vikgill) - 834 followers - Horsham, West Sussex, UK
Researcher in #entrepreneurship, #SMEs, and #socialenterprise at Kingston Uni. Freelance #socialmedia consultant, #FRSA, and bon vivant! Live in #Horsham, UK.
Lovemore (Lovemore) - 636 followers - Brooklyn NY USA
Lovemore creates love-infused products to spark a change that brings more love, peace, and joy into the world.
Stefan Probst (entresol) - 524 followers - Erlangen, Germany
inspiring your business - entrepreneurship, open source, open innovation and social media
Yee Shun Jian (RichGrad) - 497 followers - Singapore
Best known for manifesting a 6 figure income from the internet and retiring at the age of 27. Find out how I did it here: