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adultswim (adultswim) - 105,162 followers - Williams Street, Atlanta, GA
Official [adult swim] Digital Babble
NYFA (NYFA) - 46,145 followers - NYC, LA, & all over the world
Official Twitter of the New York Film Academy. We offer hands-on intensive programs in #filmmaking, #acting, #photography, #animation, #gamedesign and more.
Charles Forchu (ForchuTeck) - 15,732 followers - Arlington, Texas
CEO, ForchuTeck Consulting Group: Technology Executive, IT Tactician, Visionary Web Technology Architect
Lookman_ (lookman_) - 8,979 followers - Official ✔ Verified Account
Film & Animation Producer, Published Author, Screenwriter. For unsurpassed fantasy, adventure, comedy & Mysteries #TV #Film #Book Follow Back 24hrs
Ian McKendrick (IanMcKendrick) - 8,286 followers - Cambridge, UK. CB4 0WS
IT Strategist, broadcaster, Keynote Speaker on IT Strategy, Social Media and Info Security – Founder of & The Business Hub (atomcomedy) - 4,089 followers - On The Internet, Duh
Oh, wait, there's comedy on the internet? @andrewti & @mrmattenlow share some with you.
Sam Feuer (MindSmack) - 3,931 followers - New York
FastMall iPhone App,, iPhone App Launched -, Award Winning Web Design, Apps, Post Production, Mobile.
lilipip! (lilipip) - 3,721 followers - Seattle, WA
Animated videos about your product, service, or concept. We help stories go where they need to go.
David OReilly (davidoreilly) - 3,566 followers - Animationland
vector meldrew (vectormeldrew) - 3,017 followers - London
Independent graphic and motion designer.
Nguyen (goanima) - 1,513 followers - Create animations gif online
Chris Nierhaus (TinBug) - 1,381 followers - Michigan
Freelance web/graphic designer. I create logos, branding, websites, photo retouching, Flash animation, and more. I also compose musical arrangements.
Pierre Lenort (maccimum) - 1,332 followers - Bergerac, Dordogne, Aquitaine
Maccimum : communication globale, sites internet vitrine et administrables, Intégrateur Joomla/VirtueMart, CMSMS, WordPress.
Adult Swim UK Crew (AdultSwimDVD) - 1,184 followers - London
We love cartoons, cup cakes, ninjas, zombies, street art, chicken, space, mosh-pits, aliens, snow, bears, hip-hop, glitch & under-t-influence mice
mcjomo (cogspa) - 1,139 followers - Los Angeles
Unbridled, not-stop imagination. Weird is always better. I create monster art & live for Gamma World, Zbrush & Animation ( )
Jamie Denham (3djamie) - 941 followers - Shoreditch, London
Owner of Sliced Bread Animation based in Shoreditch, London. Keen to follow other like minded animators. I enjoy beer, travelling, networking and being a dad.
rajeray (rajeray) - 939 followers - cuttack
web design - graphic design - flash animation
tigerxstudio (tigerxstudio) - 915 followers - UK
CG Animation and Visualisation Studio. Tweets about: Design, Viz, Archi, Interiors, Tech, Cool-Stuff & MORE
Cheerful Madness (cheerfulmadness) - 898 followers - UK
Artist, writer, cartoonist, animator