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RT @WriteaProperty: Are Buy to Let Landlords Buying Property Again? Yes and No http://bit.ly/45qGXS
Banker Bonuses are Back Driving Up London Prices, Great News! Have We Learnt Nothing? http://bit.ly/4vvODO
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Assetz Say Unemployment Can't Affect House Prices because of Supply Shortage, What? http://bit.ly/47Rl4R
RT@WriteaProperty UK House Prices, interest from overseas buyers Growing http://bit.ly/74zep
FT Index Shows UK House Prices Still Rising but Recovery is Vulnerable. See http://bit.ly/ql73H
House Prices Continue to Rise Despite Land Registry Recording August Fall... http://bit.ly/1bzOc5
RT @WriteaProperty: UK House Prices up in September says Halifax, Makes the Future Interesting: Well, while I have been proven wron.. ht ...
Nationwide index for September, House Prices Back up to 2008 Levels http://bit.ly/59PE
RT @WriteaProperty UK House Prices, the Second Dip Begins: http://bit.ly/3fPZWc
RT @WriteaProperty: Land Registry: House Prices Fell in August, as was Foretold Here: Well, I was right. I wrote an article at the .. ht ...
UK House Prices, Where will they Stop Nobody Knows http://bit.ly/mmy3t
RT@WriteaProperty Assetz Say CBI Forecast of 9,8% Fall is Wrong, but Maybe not by as Much as they Think http://bit.ly/12hPZ2
RT@WriteaProperty Just posted an article giving my opinion on the whole James Caan thing: http://bit.ly/rnsLI
RT@WriteaProperty UK House Prices have Bottomed, And Our Survey Said...http://bit.ly/U9aPZ
RT @WriteaProperty: UK Housing Market will Bottom Mid-2011 [Opinion] http://bit.ly/tuaTh
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RT @WriteaProperty: UK House Prices Up for First Time in a Year but No Recovery - Hometrack: Major UK house price intelligence group.. h ...
RT @holeinhiseye: 10K for Cancer Research - fancy sponsoring me? http://post.ly/3Br4
RT @zungalow: RT @WriteaProperty: Nationwide UK House Price Index for August Hardly Surprising: More Rises = Bad News for Housing Market ...

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