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Interesting WeChat trend: friend groups motivating each other to achieve goals by risking money, like a swear jar. https://t.co/vh9XjfmYYi
Previously on... https://t.co/foCrw1Qh4B
@nkl Sooner that than a press conference not “hastily arranged.”
Pretty great that Google made several of its management tools public. https://t.co/Okzk1ePu96
@mcbill Thank you!!
The complete guide to pretending you saw the eclipse https://t.co/ImOjYfcDWS
@aaronleaf Thanks! Will flag that.
Great photos from inside one of the world's largest bitcoin mines, in Inner Mongolia https://t.co/wl2eKF25Oo
The next solar eclipse in the US, in 2024, will cross over New York, and we are going to be insufferable about it. https://t.co/2sTpTS6o7B
@marcbain_ @collinskeith Marc “Path of Totality” Bain
RT @collinskeith: @zseward Had the same question, @marcbain_ had the answer (it's worse, don't look!) https://t.co/aRh1jnmIi2
@jimmaiella I’ll get back to you on this one, can you use your eclipse question to ask when the next eclipse is?
You only get one eclipse question, use it wisely.
This is my eclipse question. Is it just bad to look at the sun, in general, or is there something about an eclipse that makes it worse?
@laurenalixb So much slobber
So proud, the kid is already staining his hands with newsprint. https://t.co/AtGj3AVT96
@YAN0 Happy Quartziversary!
What is Amazon even, really, man? Like, have you ever just thought about it? I mean, really thought about it? https://t.co/o132IRoxFM
This is cool. There’s a great app, Sprout Baby, that makes tracking everything pretty easy. Very soothing for certa… https://t.co/dOCTH2vy3Q
RT @sarahslo: 191 women as of this morning on this list. 200 is a round #. Have we we missed anyone? https://t.co/8Qe61ohX7x https://t.co/…

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