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The past, especially your relational past,has a pesky way of showing up at the most inopportune times in your future. http://t.co/ZGrjMFcGkA
RT @NIVBible: Downloaded the #NIV50 App for #iOS? It's free! http://t.co/hjlqOYsmI3 Android version coming soon. http://t.co/P1lBh0bWx3
God can work through our illnesses to make us stronger people. @FriesenJonathan discusses on @HuffPost http://t.co/7j72kQ5kPk
"You will be sexually compatible w/ the right person. But sexual compatibility doesn’t make someone right." #NewRules http://t.co/B9JJBCKoPk
Looks like @TheBerenstains are having a "bear-y" good time filming for their new cookbook! http://t.co/OJBOapB09h http://t.co/EKzP40WhoN
RT @NIVBible: Meet the translators. #NIV50 http://t.co/BEIL3Nxkcn
RT @OliveTreeBible: 3 Ways to Get More Out of Quiet Time with Study Bible Notes http://t.co/BqivANVBAg http://t.co/SYMZRwI4rs
No more insulin injections and 30 pounds lighter. Read David's story - http://t.co/ZsXX8sMq6A #DanielPlan #weightloss
If we love one another, God abides in us, and His love has been perfected in us.-1 John 4:12 (NKJV)
Celebrate the @NIVBible's 50th Anniversary with the #FREE NIV Bible App! http://t.co/a1pf3t4z1S #NIV50 http://t.co/y3E58CZwzv
Be wise about those you trust with your heart. #NOURISHED - http://t.co/GwYdag809e
#BelieveTheStory & #ThinkActBe are designed to close the gap b/t those who own the Bible & those who understand it. http://t.co/CZwdDRDCnn
RT @ZonderAcademic: Somewhere along the process each of us needs to learn to read Greek in larger chunks. http://t.co/yc7wOLTBHR #MounceMon…
Looking for the right person is essential; it’s just not enough. #LoveSexAndDating @AndyStanley http://t.co/ZGrjMFcGkA
A well-nourished marriage insures that your “happiest place on earth” ... will be in each other’s arms. http://t.co/GwYdag809e
No matter where you are in life, #God can mend you. http://t.co/15KCyMKyt4 #ButGod http://t.co/4VUj2Qd6QS
RT @karen_ehman: 9:52 am~219 pages~63,350 words Manuscript for my book w/ @thebettermom delivered to @Zondervan Now? A @BIGGBYCOFFEE for me!
You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ & by the Spirit of our God.-1 Corinthians 6:11
RT @Study_Gateway: Watch the entire @TheDanielPlan Study FREE! Sign up for your Study Gateway trial today at http://t.co/bU3fBSxf1F
When you abide in God’s love, your whole identity changes. #NOURISHED - http://t.co/GwYdag809e

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