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The most important thing you can know about those you lead is who they hope to become. #MyOneWord http://t.co/i3OUguhaVr
Congratulations to our author @bethanyhamilton for gracing the COVER of @peoplemag! http://t.co/IlZYQ0womq
Blessing does not mean “easy.” It means challenge and pain and discomfort and sometimes danger. #wrestlingwithwonder http://t.co/FNRC4nNlXg
God’s not plotting disaster for me. He’s on my side. #BraveMom - http://t.co/4eOnetbkcN http://t.co/jfhnpx0smd
My very worst moments were getting rewritten without circumstances changing. @SaraHagerty #EBTIS - http://t.co/iHmwTFzIdi
Pragmatism is Church Kryptonite http://t.co/8TnRq3QIXT New post by @Tim_Suttle via @FaithGateway http://t.co/joaC4iEIxf
Whoever is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward them for what they have done.-Proverbs 19:17 (NIV) http://t.co/PyqJND2EFN
I don’t doubt that #God exists; I don’t doubt that God is good; what I doubt is myself. #tablesinthewilderness - http://t.co/ElXWXq0grC
"There is a difference between an idol of comfort and genuine biblical contentment." #Ordinary http://t.co/fzANm2dz8H
#Christ is calling us to REST in Him! #RhythmsOfGrace @KerriWeems http://t.co/Y4O6ldwR2u http://t.co/BCFJ1rIsNF
God wants you to experience wholeness TODAY. http://t.co/Y4O6ldwR2u http://t.co/WuAuExUbKs
Get tons of freebies (including a #free subscription to @CTmagazine) when you preorder @amyjuliabecker's @SmallTalk http://t.co/jnbwFtHJe9
God's sole heart-intention: "I want to be close to you." http://t.co/VLRetcl3Cc http://t.co/kamVK7y0qS
#Pastors and #ChurchLeaders: Sign up for the #MyOneWord Webinar on 10/23. Registration is #FREE! Details: http://t.co/WTiSmPrdzq
In the end of all things is #God. @prestonyancey #tablesinthewilderness - http://t.co/OsHin5oWly
Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of THE BEGINNER'S BIBLE with us, & share your @beginnersbible memories! http://t.co/7wzrIkyOep
If we can’t rest, if we won’t rest, then are we truly free? #rhythmsofgrace @KerriWeems http://t.co/mlX0YMpBte
In honor of #BreastCancerAwareness Month, the NIV PINK BIBLE is only $3.99 on @Christianbook.com - http://t.co/vK9dJJug4s
Live life authentically. #AVeryFineHouse @bstoef http://t.co/4w8Op3jieV http://t.co/gj5jo6mLj4
To follow God means your plans are no longer your own. Your life itself belongs to him. #wrestlingwithwonder http://t.co/FNRC4nNlXg

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