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Outside of the faith community, young people similarly lack intergenerational anchors. #StickyFaithFamily http://t.co/XgIySj352I
We're made to be in a relationship w/ God & to let others know about our love for God! #Thrive http://t.co/mfbFN883tM http://t.co/ggGhgvRSLO
Jesus is a lover of people, not policy. #SPEAK - http://t.co/0D60exj0ns http://t.co/acJwXg5Xt3
.@maryengelbreit's illustrations inside THE BLESSINGS OF FRIENDSHIP TREASURY are beautiful! http://t.co/0tSigryIgr http://t.co/okCUJNwtwV
Author of SLOANE HOUSE @ShelleySGray speaks with @HEAusatoday about her love of mysteries, suspense & romance! http://t.co/6QVwmJjVYG
Looking to re-watch the #CalvinismDebate? Here's the links: http://t.co/D9WHfwHvjS (Prop. 1) & http://t.co/lQs7RfBmZh (Prop. 2)
How COOL are the illustrations inside the SUPER HEROES BACKPACK BIBLE?! http://t.co/ksJ11mEx5T http://t.co/mPpBuHwo5m
You can find soul-filling in the inexplicable. #1000Gifts @AnnVoskamp http://t.co/AIEsvCc1W1 http://t.co/bZyma40Pbc
Run the race to finish, not to win. #Unstoppable @ChristineCaine http://t.co/55y5cc3YeZ
Amy and @CraigGroeschel's FROM THIS DAY FORWARD is only $5.99 when you preorder the ebook! http://t.co/eewB73tkHb & http://t.co/HmFqrb4RAc
You were called with a purpose: to be #Unstoppable for #Christ! @ChristineCaine http://t.co/pAs92K86uR http://t.co/SzHuxYvQRg
Fix your eyes on what is unseen! From The NIV TEEN STUDY BIBLE http://t.co/oOkiVr1BFa http://t.co/SAPofEpUuy
Go, and the Lord be with you.-1 Samuel 17:37 (NIV) http://t.co/iDaFSewaMa
RT @ZonderAcademic: Watch the #CalvinismDebate with @danielsojourn @timothywashere @austintfischer @BrianZahnd http://t.co/WkYWbi96FN & ht…
RT @LifeWay_Books: gods at War by @KyleIdleman on sale for just $5 now @LifeWayStores http://t.co/bHHUBCEkJ0 @Zondervan
The pictures inside the SUPER HEROES BACKPACK BIBLE are pretty epic... http://t.co/e9qHjcSgSF http://t.co/m3SeWvtss9
Sometimes #God withholds what we want so he can give us what others need. FINDING #FAITH IN THE DARK - http://t.co/oRJDvvK2Ez
RT @KFinnegan: Save Up to 77 Percent on Popular Zondervan Books. Learn More- http://t.co/W7lO1CJVHP via @Zondervan
Congratulations to the winners of @ZonderAcademic's Biblical Greek Awards! http://t.co/v71nQvBQtf
"The church needs champion runners who never give up." @AnnVoskamp speaks about #Unstoppable http://t.co/JUmZQPISss http://t.co/IjcSDveUjv

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