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Jesus came to make sure we knew our worth, our value to God. @loswhit #MomentMaker - http://t.co/WjbRRkXeii
We're loving the covers of the NIV Impressions Bibles... this would make an amazing #Easter gift! http://t.co/cPgSl1lkqd
Preorder Jim Daly's #TheGoodDad ebook for only $4.99! Kindle: http://t.co/0kfngfbBX2 Nook: http://t.co/UTJTkFqSTR @DalyFocus
RT @Mardel_Inc: Bonus Buy - 50% Off #TheBeginnersBible Action Figures! In-store only! @zonderkidz @beginnersbible http://t.co/sisodIqDPW vi…
@LibertyBIBLTHEO Congrats @JacksonWoosley! Hope you enjoy reading/studying! :)
RT @Scripture_Truth: Thank you Lord for loving me. http://t.co/2PRvtIDa4B
RT @NAQureshi: If you want to be godly, lower yourself. That's what He did.
Richard Wood's life changed because of @TheDanielPlan. Has yours? http://t.co/LAsZVMFsnN
God has raised this Jesus to life, and we are all witnesses of it.-Acts 2:32 (NIV) http://t.co/mTcYys9UVw
RT @MarkBatterson: Jesus didn’t just DIE ON A CROSS to make BAD people GOOD. He WALKED OUT OF A TOMB to bring DEAD people to LIFE.
RT @NAQureshi: May our lives reflect the fact that we serve a King who conquers death.
Take your kids on an adventure around the world... no planes, trains, or automobiles necessary. #LetsGoExplore http://t.co/DUagoAg3ow
Something about #Jesus gave me enough #hope to decide not to give up. #Faith Unraveled by @rachelheldevans - http://t.co/Lyq8oVAb61
We should make sure that the next thing we say, in any moment, is worthy of saying. @loswhit #MomentMaker - http://t.co/TWWch9naLZ
Can a runaway find love with a risk-taker who has lost his faith in God? #TheKissingBridge by @triciagoyer | http://t.co/YAMQ3IY5Z5
Let the seeds of faith grow in your child - author of #ParentingTheWholeheartedChild shares how on @beliefnet | http://t.co/Lv2a7E5c0f
RT @gospelebooks: DEAL: @TriciaGoyer - The Promise Box ($3.99) http://t.co/tKShZ9sqr5 #kindle
RT @Godly_Life: If you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," & believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be sav…
RT @AslanBooksUK: “Doubt is a sign that we are taking faith seriously” Jeff Lucas' new book Faith in the Fog http://t.co/QPETpuuJtG
#Jesus had a special relationship with the most forgotten of first-century society. #Faith Unraveled - http://t.co/Lyq8oVAb61

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