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@jaredcny thanks Jared. I can't seem to find it in my apps...I will keep looking!
Yeah Facebook, I am really enjoying reliving the past with your “On This Day” “feature”. Not. FU. How do I turn this off?
RT @HOBHouston: ON SALE NOW — @Zoecello on May 16th! Get your tickets at http://t.co/3F9HAKpFBf http://t.co/hCMel5QNUH
Thank you ;-) RT @notmoro: I feel that @zoecello should be made aware of this otter. https://t.co/cX5CdQhWRp
@notmoro thank you!
Just posted a photo @ Abbotsbury, Dorset https://t.co/DJYt5VCaWm
Just posted a photo @ Abbotsbury, Dorset https://t.co/iwKp9G7Du3
@miketaylor101 gosh no. I lived here as a child and half my family lives here!
@miketaylor101 except for the cold bit when i got here a week ago it’s been surprisingly similar to northern coastal california!
@PossiblyAlan thank you!!! Xoxoxoxoxo
I will be performing and speaking on May 2nd at @further_future. Tickets are available at http://t.co/olXu2e7QVR
Cellokid & I are visiting family in England. It’s lovely. My debut when I get back will be performing/speaking at http://t.co/fRIJmuh3Qj
RT @further_future: A special #FurtherFuture Vision talk by @zoecello May 2nd The Future of Creating Music read more about FF on @Jetsetter…
RT @SLCAlums: Listen for @zoecello's score on #TheReturned http://t.co/HEBpza5Slv
Just posted a photo @ Allington Hill https://t.co/S9nYCEjDEB
@TVSven I think they made an American version just because they could!
I'm going offline for a wee bit. I'll see you all again in May. xoxoxox, Z
@PCsomo ouch. Wow
@MatthewDoye thanks! I just tried adding an event and will assume it just shows up ;-)

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Cello, computers and pancakes. The daily twitterings of a professional avant cellist and amateur nerd.

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