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San Francisco's housing crisis explained : http://t.co/B3iGYdrFzT
@gleneivey incredible as it is, there is no T1...it's Comcast only unless you have a view of the southern sky for satellite
@kevsmusic yes, until they do the same thing! i didn't want to spread myself too thin, but it's more appealing now
Any other artists thinking about abandoning Facebook now that they've throttled organic reach for Pages?
So gorgeous outside today. Trying to burn it into my eyeballs. Don't worry, I won't look directly at the sun.
@kristy yup. i have to drive several miles east to get a cell signal. and comcast is the only internet provider
It's coming but for now, rural areas like mine don't have the infrastructure for everyone to stream all their media.
I don't think streaming is for rural folks. No cell service & the Comcast "Blast" me and my neighbours have is often less than 100 kbps
@supdegrave you are more than welcome sir ;-)
yay! ultimate comfort food ;-) RT @Zahradnik: Great. White. North. Gonna eat some poutine in honor of @zoecello
This is what happens after I've been off grid for a while: I can't remember how to tweet and it doesn't occur to me to do it. #telling
Very nice! What is that? RT @janewoodman: Damn. Most of my favorite colors in one tree.... http://t.co/4idcteV8cD
Can't wait! See you soon... RT @BoulderTheater: @zoecello takes over the BT on May 3rd!!
Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback yesterday on crowdfunding and patronage!
@78DegreesWest1 I'm not, sorry! just june 20!
Tickets for my concert in San Francisco on June 20 are onsale now! > http://t.co/iNZ0uy19SV
Had a perfect view of the orange moon last night from the hot tub outside. #magical
:-) that was amazing to watch RT @kevinmarks: You know, @zoecello makes the perfect music for watching the earth devour the moon
@Hajiji since i use the stem files myself to make remixes for tv, films, etc
@Hajiji yes, trying to sort out the licensing of that one!

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