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RT @grapealope: "Ideas are like wine, they intoxicate." @timoreilly #foocamp
RT @brainpicker: One of the most moving things I've witnessed: @amandapalmer and @zoecello perform "Bigger on the Inside" at #foocamp http:…
The better a time I have, the fewer photos I seem to take. #foocamp was so good I took only one, of a car. Thank you @sarawinge @timoreilly!
@jesnider on waving pinky fingers??
That must be it RT @db84000: @zoecello Soul work? Defending freedom?
@o_budde thank you!
What on earth is my right pinky doing ??? RT @zzzbee: @amandapalmer & @zoecello rehearse @ #foocamp. https://t.co/n4MdsiULXN
I missed this somehow...I am in this NYTimes story on streaming royalties >> http://t.co/dTSomjGR02 http://t.co/7BcVbylXmP
:-) RT @zzzbee: @amandapalmer & @zoecello rehearse for tonight’s #foocamp performance. https://t.co/n4MdsiULXN
RT @LungCancerFaces: Remembering Jeff Rusch on this #WorldLungCancerDay. Thinking of his widow @zoecello & their young son. #LCSM http://t.…
A 3d printed super car! http://t.co/xKzkW1tqIF
#FooCamp!! #excited!!
@radishcake what a lovely pair! thanks for sharing
Those years we spent studying music, Italian, feminist lit & Medieval history were not in vain! http://t.co/nbLaO7Jq71
SFO, I kiss you
RT @jeffsussna: @HEPfeickert @jesnider I just finished writing a book about IT. Every time I got writer's block I listened to @zoecello
Clearly I should do a survey! RT @digitaldraco: @HEPfeickert @jesnider I often listen while writing clinical notes about my clients. :)
.@radishcake thanks to you too for making my day a bit better
RT @radishcake: @zoecello 2 things, my kid choreographed a dance to one of your songs (Fern) for a class and then decided to name our new k…
@HEPfeickert well said sir

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