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Happy Canada Day!! Xoxoxoxo
A VW joke in the office where our westy got a new engine :-) @ Buslab https://t.co/VPZeXOb28L
RT @ryanqnorth: AMERICANS: if you hate gay marriage you can move to Canada! Wait, no, we've had it since 2005. Um there's still... *check n…
RT @Slate: How would Scalia insult you? Find out with Slate’s Sick Burn Generator. #ScaliaBurns http://t.co/OyiK3OuejN http://t.co/jJ02ZdHx…
Twitter is fun to read today. It’s a good start to the July 4th holiday week. #lovewins
YES. What great news to wake up to! #lovewins
@Vinumguy thank goodness because this is a clean place where we just talk about our love of fruit
yeah, have to agree that Halle Berry is a mighty fine berry RT @EdwardLCote: @Vinumguy Halle Berry?
@McCArch here is the latest spotify for you: https://t.co/ru6jg6y7WE
@Vinumguy badoom chick!
RT @Vinumguy: @zoecello The blackberry is the greatest of all the berries. Well, other than Barry White.
"How could anyone be sad when blackberry season is just beginning?" #wisdomofchildren
Thank you Supreme Court for not mucking that one up.
@rathboma I’ve been doing the paperwork myself (it bites)
@HitriMark love that ;-)
I see you @ Top Of Coleman Valley Road https://t.co/RbRw7eaY3c
Nice one, sky painter! @ Top Of Coleman Valley Road https://t.co/CtReb74dzO
@AspenJuly I think a lot of parents have a playtime-with-kids limit, but maybe don’t tell anyone ;-)
@DancinJulesJLVS dance ones can take a while, but email again just in case! very sorry.
We made it through Father's Day (a letter) > http://t.co/7VTkZtagQM

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