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@OyVey_Samuel and I certainly don't make any income from it. Someday, I'd like to actually COMPOSE for dance. But maybe I'd suck at it!
@OyVey_Samuel I like that the music has a life of its own and inspires others. It's a mystery to me how it happened though.
RT @BiIIMurray: Before you marry a person you should first make them use a computer with slow internet to see who they really are.
#like #verymuch RT @neilhimself: My houseguest makes fine art. RT @rickognitive: paint at Neil’s 02a: bits and bats http://t.co/vN0MdKB4w8
@oyvey_samuel not by choice, believe me. i'd estimate less than 1 in 100 dance performances ever ask permission to use my music ;-)
@Cormac_Neville true, my brother and I always squabbled over monopoly
#MonopolyMonday is the next big thing
It's #MonopolyMonday! Here's one: Google search me, look at box on right, 1st choice is Google Play, rest are free: http://t.co/tbbgCFaINV
RT @solobasssteve: @zoecello I wonder how we can get Google to include Bandcamp in those listings? Mine has no buying/streaming links at al…
RT @solobasssteve: @zoecello If Play/Spotify/Beats are the only options, my stuff's unlikely to ever be listed ;)
Anyone want to play Monopoly? Look at the box on the right. 1st link to my music is Google Play, rest are all free: http://t.co/eZmR0rk8Nf
The "Artists Should Just Tour" argument is a #FAIL when your spouse has Stage 4 cancer: streaming article on @salon http://t.co/z1jPrLOtI1
RT @tat2d_angel: @zoecello I was told the same thing for the drug that I have received every 2 weeks since 1992. There wasn't enough "proof…
HUG! RT @Professor_D: My wife's in leukemia treatment. Yr music is helping me to relax this evening. Thank you. Kind thoughts to you & Jeff
@BethAnnDavidson with individual plan, you're on your own. just hours and hours on hold
Yup, they can. Our story in here > RT @huffpostbiz: Despite Obamacare, your health insurance co can still screw you http://t.co/Ouj7Hhbf23
Big smile :-) RT @myp_comics: Who plays the classical cello stylings of @zoecello in a comic shop? ME! That's who. -kjc
Can I eat this entire bar of chocolate? Why yes I can.
@YanaYans and then make pancakes in the morning ;-)

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