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Puffy hearts!!! RT @ELEMENTARYStaff: More great Zoe music coming soon to Elementary. Not tonight, but in future episodes.
Since we're just getting started with rainy season can I make a suggestion? Instead of raining only on weekends, how about Tuesday instead?
me too! RT @rstevens: i plan to age gracefully by turning into one scary motherfuckin’ mummy
I'd really like a sterling silver, gold-plated waterphone. Too bad I can't throw. http://t.co/ozlmys8wyb
#trophy RT @jesnider: It's pennants of all the teams arranged in a circle and when they are all plucked in sequence it summons Nyarlathotep.
Oooooh.....(lightbulb goes on).....the World Series trophy is a waterphone!
I'd never seen a picture of the "World" Series trophy before. Its a tubular cage?
Lovely blog from @imogenheap about working with Taylor Swift. (p.s. Immi has a big day coming, wish her well!) > http://t.co/lnOQi2Z5lK
@gtra1n Yup, Scott is the role model! That's what Alex wants to be when he grows up.
@gtra1n Don't the voices make you want to stab the ipad with a fork??? (oops, inside voice, inside voice)
Squealing voices and funny sidekicks. Kill me why don't you? Creators of kids movies, programs, I'm talking to you.
He's discovered Dinosaur Train. God help us.
Another story, another drink of water, another trip to the loo and now he's in bed, singing loudly about dinosaurs. My night owl 4 year old.
3 Million Reasons Your Heart Will Break in One Video > http://t.co/vR6fOmADSW
I declare the end of daylight savings now, a week early, so that it can be beer o'clock. Oh wait, it would be the opposite. Never mind.
Hm, it is new hospitality rider time. What do I need backstage....Jamison? Carrot sticks? A basket of kittens?
"But Mama, I've seen grown ups picking their nose too!!"
I wonder if payroll service for home help really is a niche or if people are just not reporting to the IRS ;-)
.@ZenPayroll awesome, thanks! Let me know when you have a solution that works for everyone. I don't want to be special ;-)

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