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The light, right now http://t.co/rTttvQHxYE
Do you know this man? >>>> @jeffersonrusso. He's awesome. We are collaborating on the score to The Returned. Couldn't do it without him.
ok @jeffersonrusso, I'm a following you now!
Yes! RT @colinarnott99: When you say the Returned, is this a remake of Les Revenants the French zombie series shown last year?
Scaring the bejesus out of myself with slowed down, repitched col legno cello bow sounds for The Returned.
Caramelized apples with Greek yogurt. Best mom ever award please.
@solobasssteve can't seem to direct message you any more :-(
Hey @Pandora, nice job with AMP! I like it. I had no idea there were 56,217 Zoe Keating Pandora stations out there! http://t.co/VxhgvujJiv
RT @lcsmchat: #LCSM Chat TODAY 10/23 8pm ET: Help for new stage IV lung cancer patients http://t.co/B4Pjz5OHSo
Lung cancer research is poorly funded, yet it is the 2nd largest killer in the U.S. behind heart disease http://t.co/gdUL0ih9kv
The California Forest Scorpion, perhaps? http://t.co/xmGRQ3frOZ
That was exciting. Curled up with Alex to read him a story and saw a 2 inch long scorpion clinging to my pant leg. Eek.
Health care is not fixed yet > http://t.co/PuRdTqHEWz
RT @hhhneil: @zoecello "An outfit is not complete unless it has cat fur on it"
@vampandora you got it
A new sweater is virgin territory to a cat. "Oh, she left this here so I would snag it up, make it look lived in. She will be so pleased"
Cat, what are you doing to my new sweater??!
After a scuffle, gained entry to my studio with a broom. I fear the other giant redwood spiders are currently plotting their next attack.
There is a spider on my studio doorknob that is about 3 inches across. I'm back in the house looking for a weapon.
The biggest problem with my forest studio is not the muddy path or lack of Internet, it is the huge spiders who wait for me on the doorknob.

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