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My mum is the best. Roast ham, creamed leeks & jam tarts and the cousins played all day so no one needed me. Happy Thanskgiving!
Among other things I am #thankful my son & I are alive, and for you, dear listeners, for keeping me sane and keeping a roof over our heads.
@rstevens thanks to my mothers gluten free pastry today should be alright
@JavierSegovia thank you! Best to you and yours today
@jesnider darn
RT @UKHaiku: @zoecello Sanity is just a statistical average.. ;-)
Comforting! RT @rvontha: @zoecello My mother always said that only sane people question their sanity. ;)
Ok, perhaps my sanity is up for debate but I *think* I am sane.... ;-)
@gregorygeiger that show is not me, but I’m curious now and will have to listen!
RT @theopenstring: Open String benefit concert for youth music education featuring @zoecello, 12/8, Grand Theater, SF. Tickets at https://t…
@bonannieeats :-)
RT @BonAnnieEats: Zoe Keating. She's the kind of person you'd want on your side during an apocalypse. https://t.co/sNg0ZECUnT
Sorry to be missing the best tide pooling of the year on the Sonoma coast. #kingtide
@wardepartment me too!
RT @compassioncup: wherein @zoecello delivers heartbreakingly human presence and performance, and i leak from my eyes https://t.co/AmccY0Rp…
Right now, backstage in Chicago https://t.co/sNVuGjHrvX
Sorted for the microphone tonight, THANK YOU!!!!!
Does anyone have a DPA cello mic in Chicago I can borrow??! #help
No scientific study will take my cured meats away from me on Sunday morning. Cc @Bigwobbles
happy birthday ! RT @mcarmichael: So excited to see @zoecello tonight. Happy birthday to me! Who's going?

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Cello, computers and pancakes. The daily twitterings of a professional avant cellist and amateur nerd.

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