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Today was my son's 1st Nutcracker & my husband's 1st non-medical outing to SF in 6months. Amazing on multiple levels. Thanks @SFBallet
I am going to SLEEP! #soexcited
We back home! Still don't know what is happening in my beloved's brain. But thanks to modern medicine he can make sentences again ;-)
Sorry to report that my husband is back in the hospital. We're not sure what is going on but hope to get home for his birthday tomorrow!
My regrets to everyone who wanted to see me at LeWeb in Paris! I had to cancel my trip. Very sorry....
@amandapalmer I'll send you my latest google docs when I get home tonight, fodder for the mill!
@MusicTechPolicy you're welcome. I need to write another blog about why I publish this stuff ;-)
@fire_n_air I KNOW, you're looking at someone who waited until 38 here ;-) it's still a bizarre ad!
The forest today http://t.co/CxTvR1nSsX
Lots of coral outside today http://t.co/fHgu6wOQm7
An ad in a doctors office magazine. I'm all for birth control, but not sure about the message that you… http://t.co/X3yxe308Iw
Waiting for Jeff at the imaging center and craving pickled herring. None of the choices in the vending machine are even close.
@caitlen I wish. He doesn't have that mutation alas.
@jygejilituf in orange is the new black? it must have been someone else!
do it!! RT @CreamConeCoffee: Has anyone mashed up @zoecello's We Insist and Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf?
@pierrotechnique I don't feel any pressure to be better or worse or similar. I've been pretty free to do my own thing. It's great.
@pierrotechnique gosh, I feel no pressure whatsoever in that regard. What @mogwaiband did for the French version is totally unique.
I sure do enjoy composing for The Returned. Previously dead people are so inspiring.
@YanaYans pancakes? ;-)
I think this holiday season I will buy nothing but art, directly from artists...but please don't email me about it ;-)

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