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That was exciting. Curled up with Alex to read him a story and saw a 2 inch long scorpion clinging to my pant leg. Eek.
That was exciting. Curled with Alex to read him a story and saw a 2 inch long scorpion clinging to my pant leg. Eek.
Health care is not fixed yet > http://t.co/PuRdTqHEWz
RT @hhhneil: @zoecello "An outfit is not complete unless it has cat fur on it"
@vampandora you got it
A new sweater is virgin territory to a cat. "Oh, she left this here so I would snag it up, make it look lived in. She will be so pleased"
Cat, what are you doing to my new sweater??!
After a scuffle, gained entry to my studio with a broom. I fear the other giant redwood spiders are currently plotting their next attack.
There is a spider on my studio doorknob that is about 3 inches across. I'm back in the house looking for a weapon.
The biggest problem with my forest studio is not the muddy path or lack of Internet, it is the huge spiders who wait for me on the doorknob.
@littlefluffycat please let me come back as a much-loved kitty cat
ginger tea, peppermint tea, applesauce, toast....?
Trying to be helpful and use my distant memory of pregnancy-induced nausea to help Jeff with his radiation-induced nausea. Vaguely helpful.
He's an old black lab, this dog who somehow managed to get to our house w a broken leg. He was very hungry and thirsty. I'm hanging with him
Today's adventures include a whimpering, neglected stray dog with a badly broken leg. Poor guy is really suffering.
Render render render
I would like to thank the chocolate covered espresso bean tree for composing so much of the music in this episode of The Returned.
Tix to @amandapalmer's book tour shows/readings/who-knows-what-will-happen dates > http://t.co/UrQGLqIEsn (I'll be at Berkeley on Nov 21st)

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