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The eviction of artists is happening, all over. https://t.co/2gwHsEQVRb
Working on another project with the amazing Jeff Russo https://t.co/1hiBZDlBrJ
RT @zoecello: Is this the end of the underground? @SFWeekly https://t.co/envNzIaBKz
“Is This the End of the Underground?” - By jschiewe - SF Weekly https://t.co/ispJyCBu86
Is this the end of the underground? @SFWeekly https://t.co/envNzIaBKz
@expertsleepers you’re so right :-)
@expertsleepers a cello can fit in a VW hatchback or a Prius, it’s sedans that are the enemy! UberXL works but very big & twice the $$ ;-)
Uber needs a hatchback option for cello players. UberHatch!
FYI it wasn't a rave or a commune. #oaklandfire
Underground events CAN be safe. #oaklandfire https://t.co/2STr3mvpXP
Defriend everyone on Facebook if you want to see the world as it is https://t.co/zpXz7bq5j9
50 yrs later the press is still so square it can’t describe a warehouse party, let alone an artist collective https://t.co/wRJ6r8Zz1u
My cello made it home to me! Welcome back Ariege! Thanks for treating him well @JetBlue
RT @greenmusicctr: Long time bay area resident and true conventionalist in the arts, @zoecello, plays to a sold out crowd next Sunday – htt…
RT @allartburns: @zoecello I wonder when the US will get its own takkyubin: https://t.co/cWHQhUTqut
RT @Frickwit: @zoecello @JetBlue Honestly when will airlines stop acting as though they've never seen musical instruments before?
Well @JetBlue said it was the Buffalo TSA who caused my cello to miss the flight but really, it’s all a black box. A tiresome black box.
Thanks a lot Buffalo TSA. Hang in there dear cello! We shall be reunited tomorrow!
Apparently TSA decided my cello needed extra screening so it didn’t fly @JetBlue to SFO with me. Send it safe, whole, unbroken thoughts.
@JosephScrimshaw I’ve done this and then decided I need to visit my Self Storage

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