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"Panda Nest" by #cellokid http://t.co/60Fkop16FT
@meredithperry I was there yesterday for 8 hrs (the traffic!! omg). Will visit again in 2 weeks...would love to ;-)
Lovely to see you !! RT @SomaFmRusty: Nice to randomly run into @zoecello at SFO tonight!!!!
Los Angeles. Traffic. Holy cow.
@ideaspeak1 I should do that!
@VanGoldman thank you!
Thanks for the hoodie @American_Giant. It's pretty awesome, wearing it now
RT @nxthompson: Ants, bees, termites and people are best survivors on earth. Why? They’re the best cooperators. Bill Clinton channels EO Wi…
And #ZG14 is a wrap! Thanks for having me. Now back to SFO. Pick up #cellokid and then work in LA tomorrow with The Returned folks.
Glowing Bill Clinton onstage at #zg14 http://t.co/M1vSOOCfpn
I keep trying to take a pic of Bill Clinton onstage at #ZG14 but w the white hair, pale suit & stage lights he comes out like a glowy angel
RT @invoker: “Be optimistic. The trend lines are more positive than the headlines.“ - #zg14 http://t.co/IA0kqBe0HI @billclinton
RT @lucacavalcanti: "You should be optimistic, because the trend lines are more powerful than the headlines." @billclinton #zg14 http://t.c…
.@meredithperry learning about you and Martine Rothblatt made my week. Thanks for doing what you do against all the odds and naysayers
RT @CrowdAlbum: 114 Photos inside @Google's secret #zeitgeist14 conference via @zoecello @soulpancake @mikenavarra @desireegruber http://t.…
Ok...I think Martine Rothblatt is the most inspiring person I have ever met. "Nothing is impossible" #ZG14
Wow, the founder of uBeam, @meredithperry was very inspiring. She talked about her quest to create wireless power using ultrasound. #ZG14
That was amazing RT @invoker: “Sometimes being naive can be helpful when building innovative ideas” - @meredithperry, founder @uBeam #zg14
Google sure knows how to throw a party. I'm off to practice and then I play tomorrow morning at #ZG14
Snoop Dogg! http://t.co/NcpYnc6OQu

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