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Today your job on twitter is to send virtual hugs to @darthclue. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer too. He needs hugs
Everyone send a giant hug to @darthclue
@darthclue it is. It's all about time
@darthclue same here. Jeff is on Alimta and has hardly any side effects. It's amazing
Reading up on The Internets about gamma knife radio surgery. Jeff is having it for his brain mets in a week.
@darthclue what's recovery like from the gamma knife? Jeff has 14 brain mets. Amazing that they are sending him home the same day!!
@darthclue dammit. Well my heart goes out to you. Keep on keeping on. My hubby has gamma knife next week
@csdaley puffy hearts
:-) :-) RT @csdaley: In more pleasant news. Today began my now annual indoctrination of my students into the joy that is @zoecello's music.
@darthclue it's awful. Are you better?
RT @themusicalbrain: @zoecello Zoe! We're crowdfunding to enable deaf people to access music/science events. A RT would be very kind: http:…
Hope it helps!! RT @SaintBrevity: @zoecello and Explosions in the Sky are doing their best against this morning's bad mood.
RT @wraptillion: Excited to see @JadAbumrad discuss innovation, accompanied by @zoecello! http://t.co/wSzkleCya1 Thanks, NW Arts Alliance &…
Yeah!! Sounds better to me RT @VCEden: @zoecello Remove the seats… And add bean bags?!
I've got the perfect solution to the recline/not-recline controversy....just remove the seats! You're welcome.
@autojim I think those two passengers are perfect for each other! Either that or they are already married and not letting on ;-)
RT @57sideburns: “@RayBeckerman: American Voices: 'Knee Defender' Passenger Fight Diverts Entire Plane ~ @TheOnion http://t.co/WMUfHku7T2 c…
@datachick I'm usually ok with it since I like to sit up. But the SFO-Berlin was 11hrs at night and he wanted to work all night!
@brianlong yeah that's the one I just saw
Any other knee defender incidents?

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