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Hey friends, I have concerts in May in Toronto, Dallas, Austin & Houston (Toronto is close to Texas, right?). More info this weekend...xox
@adamwc it’s ok! Thank you though
@adamwc yup ;-)
@sfranzese lol. Another time he threw himself screaming to the floor because his dessert had the wrong spoon in it. 4 year olds!
@MMBris that person is 4 years old ;-)
I am so incredibly sorry that when I served you dinner, the sour cream was touching the tortilla THAT YOU ARE GOING TO DIP IN SOUR CREAM.
@lil_lytnin word
RT @lil_lytnin: @zoecello @amandapalmer Bah, your life is what you make of it. You only get this one so make it count. And congrats! I have…
RT @SarahETroedson: @amandapalmer @zoecello That person clearly has no idea what they're talking about. Parenthood will only make you more …
@amandapalmer Jesus H Christ...the things people say
RT @amandapalmer: just got a fan email saying that by choosing parenthood i've thrown my career down the drain. thanks for allaying my deep…
@CaseofStripes yikes, what happened?
@hollyearrow omg. I would want to compete though :-)
and now our beloved cat Max has cancer too...
Here's to my Dad's grandparents who crossed the sea on a ship. I'll be toasting you later with a glass (or two) of Jameson.
#cellokid and I made it through our first weekend alone. #knackered
@ElleDee128 ;-)
@TheEponymousL hope you enjoy it. and thank you ;-)
@LeeRosevere 7....my favorite number!!

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