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RT @SouthwestAir: One month from today, join us for a Total Eclipse from the #SouthwestHeart. BOOK NOW: https://t.c…
RT @The_Phisherman: @DonaldJTrumpJr releases his emials to clear his name. @HillaryClinton wipes server "like with a cloth or something."…
Just say no to drugs..
.@tedcruz thank you for sticking to the repeal and replace on Obamacare!
RT @The_Phisherman: •Name of protest: Welcome to Hell •Injured: 70+ •Protesters attack police with rocks and bottles •Dozens of police i…
@derekahunter @BilldeBlasio What do you expect from a ground hog murderer?
In America we worship God. Unlike the DNC who booed Him 3x!
I should have the right to pass on my ranch to my child.
Guy on @TuckerCarlson is literally sweating. Rolling off his chins! #hotseat
Covfefe>nothing burger
@gailbuckley It's not a religion, it's a satanic death cult.
@mikepfs Did they charge extra for the fly?
@KatMcKinley that cardbordeaux will get you every time!
.@AandyZeus wtf dude! Ever hear of Kuru? Special place in hell for evil doers. #JUDGEmentday
@JamesOKeefeIII thanks patriot! Your work is inspiring.
He finally lost at the only thing he was good at, campaigning. #Obamalegacy
@BiasedGirl from your mouth to Gods ear.
Took 85 y/o mom and my 20 y/o son to polls this morning. 3 generations forTRUMP! #MAGA3X
Hillary Clinton In 2013 she loved Donald for president via @National Insider Politics

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