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@kalinata_net I hadn't had much time to work on it and there had been so many spammers I had turned it off. Just turned it back on for you.
@calvo_rows Thanks for the heads up. It's all good now.
zeaLOG is back online. Sorry about the extended downtime.
@KalyaniG It's not just you and w're working on it.
@sallypnut Just toasted a bunch of lame stuff on the logs page. Will go in later and set fire. ;)
@sallypnut No, but there ought to be. I need to go weed the garden a bit and see about adding something like that.
@FuMikechu I'll investigate. Could be a change in the Twitter API that we're not on top of.
Amazon is still having problems in our region, but we've restored service in a new region and are back online and good as new. Finally.
Why yes we ARE hosted by Amazon in the region that has been down all day.
@FuMikechu I think you meant that for @zealogupdate
@KalyaniG Actually, it has never included the notes - until now, that is. Try it again and let me know if you have trouble.
@KalyaniG It was there when we came back online. Go to the log's Entries tab and click CSV (or Mine then CSV) to download.
@KalyaniG I'm really glad to hear it. I also have to figure out this Shiva Nata thing. I've read the Google results but still unsure. :)
It took long enough, but zeaLOG is back online. Details at http://t.co/FeQkvqz Also, Happy Valentines Day.
@KalyaniG Thanks for the kind words. I've been able to recover more data than initially thought. Will definitely be open by tomorrow morn.
2 long days and things are looking up. Still need more verification of rescued data, backups, and other subsystems. I'd say ~36 hours to go.
@deadeyes Thanks. I'm doing my best to get everything back.
@bauxring You're telling me. Will definitely be installing more activity monitoring tools to catch this sort of thing earlier.
Service Outage update posted at http://t.co/Xt5mV8j
@KalyaniG You and me both. We're working on it.

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