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@melroseee What a great sweater!! May have to pick it up myself! *PJ
This was too good not to post...our tumblr team is crazy. ( We’re totally ready for the h…
@deafinthecity Thanks for the feedback! We will do what we can to pass the word along :) *PJ
@ginnylauren We're happy to do it!! Your bestie is going to be an adorable flower girl! *PJ
@marcymassura Wooo, Marcyyyyyyy those are fly! *EP
@LisaSongSutton Can't wait to see what you guys are workin on! *JC
@ckilgore @ghigelmire Thanks, Christy! You're too kind! *PJ
@isaac_sasson24 The connection is the most important part! We're glad you liked the care package! *PJ
@jennyvontress We're glad you liked the gift, Jennifer! We'll make sure to let Rosario know she was appreciated! *PJ
@sallyamellinger Well whoever started it I am glad we could share it! ;) *BB
@bitsy15CS @Keurig @AskAmex We're in great company! Thanks for the love! :) *EP
@liamhclothes Hmm, not sure! Looks like a mixture of varsity and bomber jacket! Pretty cool though. *EP
@fredyatesiv We appreciate it! *BB
@Emily_Weisman She's so awesome! We will let her know that you enjoyed your chat! :) *KW
@sportsmom304 Aww gee, you're making us blush! *KW
@Emily_Weisman We ❤️ talking to you, but we ❤️ when things go right more! Do you remember who you spoke with so we can share w/ them? *KW
@sallyamellinger Aww shucks! You're making us blush. *KW
@suzannelise We love you too! ❤️ Sorry for the email overload! We've forwarded over your feedback. *KW
@a_delmuybueno You're welcome! Now you can treat yourself to something nice! ☺️ *KW
@fredyatesiv @bonobosninjas @Square @SlackHQ @VerizonSupport Thanks for the shoutout, Fred! *KW

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