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Also realized I need a new tumblr photo…
Realized I haven’t played the sims in ages! I should play it when I get home later on tonight…
Why is it so fucking hard - There’s always this interference when ever I try to be with her. It’s the worst...
It's still an urge - Nothings changed. The urge to kiss her is still there and much worse. What do I do?
^JT - Happy new years to everone from the team Youzle , hope you all have a safe and happy holliday, don't get too drunk, I know we won't :)
@datagutt 100% sure. it's just a fan page..;/
@datagutt That's really odd. Just search up "Youzle" in the search box.
@datagutt Are you logged into Facebook?
Once the Youzle group reaches 100 fans / members, we will give out 25 - 30 BETA invite codes. -
Merry Christmas everyone. The team at Youzle hope you all had a wonderful day spending time with your families and enjoying the lovely food.
@Danieloh1994 Merry Christmas Daniel!
Should Youzle Mail have a facebook styled multiple recipient input field for names, or limit to one name?
We're off home for a good nights sleep, full time work starts tomorrow :) << sign up for the BETA access and the newsletter. Signing up will guarantee you previews to Youzle before anyone else!
My holidays are everywhere. - Well, it seems like my planned holidays to sit at home every day and develop...
I shouldn't of stayed up so late, otherwise I would be at Church, drumming. Sorry guys!
Status updating to Facebook is now live on Youzle. Gotta love it :)
Working on the follow user system on the profiles. It is going rather well so far. @ijacobt

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