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Free PROMO codes for yoga teacher app #iphone #yoga. Please DM me for free promo code
@RandomIntention yes the olympics is amazingly fun!! Go Canada!
@ABCcreativity fav yoga app is called yoga teacher
@HeatherBreen I agree! Will is one of my fav teachers too. His Savasana experience is amazing especially with his amazing voice.
This guy Will Blunderfield (@wilblunderfield) has an awesome voice. What a brilliant yogi tune! Check it out!
@Pingysoft Thinking about buying the Ring it up app but how do I export all data to a database?
@louisehousley LOL! yea, I am using my yoga app. It is called yoga teacher. I would love to hear feedback. thanks
RT @tesschallis: Think positive, speak positive, act positive.
Snowing 10 cm last night in whistler another 10cm on it's way this afternoon
@kmcha08 would you like to try my yoga app for free? I would love feedback so I can make it better. Let me know & I can send u a promo code
@philoneill Thank you so much for Canary Wharf hotel recommendations
@colettewh just wondering if you like the yoga stretch app?
@kmcha08 which yoga app did you buy? Do you like it?
Does anyone know of a good hotel near canary wharf #London?
@DeniseEdwards I would apply anyway; it happened to me once & still got job
RT @whollyyoga: thank u for adding my yoga teacher app to your article on them #ipod #iphone
Wow! Amazing 26 GIGA pixel pano shot from Dresden - Worlds largest pic to date.
@umlungux Hey which yoga app did you get? Was it worth it?
@spazqueen Which yoga app did you get for the iPhone? Thanks
@gabyrosario would u like to try my yoga app for free? I can send u a promo code?

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