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RT @sindresorhus: My GitHub Notifier extensions currently have 666 users collectively. If you use GitHub you should check it out http:// ...
RT @sindresorhus: I wrote a post on how write Markdown in Sublime Text 2 and preview in Mou (with GitHub style): https://t.co/77wSgoiD
RT @drublic: "Valid code is important for functionality, but beautiful code is important for reading." ~@sindresorhus
RT @TheChangelog: Screenfull.js - Simple cross browser wrapper for Fullscreen API, from @sindresorhus http://t.co/V3hfXwvH
RT @sindresorhus: Introducing screenfull.js 1.0 - A simple wrapper for cross-browser usage of the #JavaScript Fullscreen API https://t.c ...
RT @sindresorhus: Want to use the Fullscreen API, but don't want that prefix mess. Check out my new project: screenfull.js https://t.co ...
RT @sindresorhus: @cowboy Thanks for creating grunt. I finally have a sane build tool, that is easily extendable. If you havent already, ...
RT @sindresorhus: Just realized I have some serious whitespace and formatting OCD
RT @sindresorhus: TodoMVC passed 1000 watchers on GitHub this week. Congrats :D Its a todo app done in many popular "MVC" JavaScript fra ...

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