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Read the interview with @krisjonescom about local SEO strategy! https://t.co/LgBIP4E8Ja
We asked @krisjonescom five questions about local SEO strategy. Read the interview on http://t.co/Yn28Io9AsW! https://t.co/LgBIP4E8Ja
Read the interview we had with @krisjonescom about local SEO as a strategy! https://t.co/bFaT7SS3lr
@n0x13 No problem at all! Glad you’re so happy with it! Have fun there @phpbenelux ^Th
RT @n0x13: Thanks to the awesome guys at @yoast I get to go to @phpbenelux this year. Thanks a lot guys!
Would you like to improve your meta descriptions? @michielheijmans wrote a post about it! https://t.co/uc3Mc6aboH
A post from @michielheijmans about improving your meta description! https://t.co/uc3Mc6aboH
@Dazeinfo That is correct. I assumed you'd be able to test on a staging server. No date set for the next official release yet. ^Ta
Having trouble writing a proper meta description? @michielheijmans explains how to create just the right one! https://t.co/e2zNILAeF3
Dear @cloudflare, this: https://t.co/DmglWfl5Pq changes the canonical on pages for users using WordPress SEO. It should _not_ do that. ^JdV
@sudarmuthu The Google Analytics by Yoast 5.3-beta should already fix that problem. You can find the beta at https://t.co/2MKryVffNs ^Ta
@Dazeinfo Is that problem solved when using the WordPress SEO 1.8-beta version? You can find the beta here: https://t.co/2MKryVffNs. ^Ta
@sugarrae I just tested http://t.co/VgNACsIx05 successfully in the validator. Can you please try with that or another blog post? ^Ta
A post from @tdevalk showing how we’ve improved our support and how we’re planning on improving it even more! https://t.co/X7aARwaKZ3
We've been improving our (plugin) support a lot. Read a post from @tdevalk about these and future improvements! https://t.co/X7aARwaKZ3
Read the post @tdevalk wrote about the improvements and the future of Yoast's (plugin) support! https://t.co/ScxadVFFNA
@tivnet Nope, you don't have to repeat it on Master. Trunk will be merged in Master when release-ready. Thanks for your contribution! ^Ta
@richardtape That is kinda awesome! :) ^Ta
Read our 404 post on http://t.co/6fGNgayxUO? https://t.co/U2Aomxjbum Check also our 404 Pinterest board! http://t.co/xpMMMGE3z1
A post from the past: @michielheijmans thoughts on 404 Not Found error pages! https://t.co/U2Aomxjbum #FlashbackFriday #404

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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