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A new post by @MariekeRakt on @yoast: Keyword research tools: which ones to use? https://t.co/FiDviCWIA5
RT @a_greenberg: From now on, all headlines should be in this format: "[One word subject of story]: the facts" http://t.co/pMCizq4eoU
@fredelig Hmm it’s in the readme…
@ErikGloudemans Savvii.nl :-)
RT @CoenJacobs: Today is gonna be all about "Hey, I just updated to Yosemite and now everything is broken."; I can wait a little before upd…
RT @lukew: WOW. Had no idea iOS 8.1 could do this: https://t.co/5xEEhQCfzx Ht/ @bhaggs <- LOL
@markjaquith @waxpancake @kevinmarks @mattcutts curious too… Ever since we have full screen writing in WordPress I’ve loved that…
@lecraeman @dswebsme probably an issue with your theme. Switch to default theme and see if it still happens.
@rebelarjen ah doe Feddo de groeten :-)
RT @BrilliantMaps: The Dutch world - Map of the Verwantschapslanden, areas with Dutch influence or under Dutch control at one point http://…
RT @Ihnatko: I suggest that you hold off on installing Yosemite until Nov. It’s an ambitious upgrade; others will have problems that you ca…
RT @donmcallister: Get the impression that the Apple employees are applauding that the demo worked.
RT @PaulLewis: Buzzfeed: "We’re taking a break from our partnership until Whisper clarifies to us and its users the policy on user location…
@Choire who said I was sober? ;-)
@Choire hehe I’m sort of one of “them” ;-)
@Choire @mathewi @emilybell whatever :-)
@Choire @mathewi @guardian no, as in editorial teams.
@JamesLiamCook @mathewi CEO != editor in chief
@Choire @mathewi you do realize @guardian has desks in NY and Australia too?
RT @kleinmatic: What other newsrooms got The Guardian’s tour of Whisper and *didn’t* write a story about it? http://t.co/tuBiJ7gx2R

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