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RT @jdevalk: Lots of amazing pictures were taken at #YoastCon by @punkmedia: https://t.co/zxIT91ensa and by @ifyouwillit: https://t.co/NwkR…
RT @perezbox: Pretty awesome pics by @ifyouwillit from this weeks #yoastcon in the Netherlands cc @yoast https://t.co/AyR8Lxml3e
RT @thedronestar: Watching #YoastCon recording and can't stop writing down notes... what an amazing conference, so much valuable informatio…
@AlexPreukschat yes absolutely.
Missed #YoastCon and want to re-watch the live stream? Here it is. https://t.co/xeZZpq2z7J
@TomazZaman Thanks for joining us. Have a safe flight! ^Ta
@annyhuberts Happy to hear you had a good time! ^Ta
@pgeurts Thanks for setting a very good example. We hope to see pictures like these, with the Yoast-lego, from all over the world! ^Ta
@mark_jansen Pics or it didn't happen! ;-) ^Ta
@MBWSMarketing Great to hear, thanks. And you know what, we had so much fun ourselves, we might even do that... ^Ta
@fionadeheus Ontzettend leuk om te horen, bedankt dat je onze verjaardag mee hebt gevierd! ^Ta
@AnettevanHaren Thanks! En bedankt voor het leuke gesprek over meetups en het inschatten van het juiste niveau. ^Ta
@tamaela Thanks! ^Ta
RT @TacoVerdo: #YoastCon backstage: Want to join #YoastCon online? https://t.co/XYojWe3rBY
RT @punkmedia: Foto update 3 47 NEW @yoast https://t.co/C7ra75pacl
@perezbox getting ready for his presentation here at #YoastCon http://t.co/Ay26ypIMEw
Check out our new branding and site design! The new branding starts now, the design in September. #YoastCon http://t.co/fQiIPQqVrl
RT @punkmedia: Foto update 1 @yoast #yoastcon https://t.co/C7ra75pacl
Our #YoastCon #livestream is working again! Tune in to Marcus Tandlers talk here https://t.co/xeZZpq2z7J
We’re working on getting the #YoastCon livestream back up! Sprry for the inconvenience, will notify when it’s back up.

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