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@MartijnSch 2.0.3 should be available :) /cc @cageNL
@MartijnSch @cageNL yeah we’ve found and fixed it, we’ll push a release.
@MartijnSch ah, updated but not published? Bug found. I’ll ask @cageNL to look at it straight away.
@MartijnSch hmm no. I don’t see the news-sitemap at all?
@kevgibbo @davidiwanow @chrisburgess ehm… That’s what WordPress has multi site mode for?
@Elja1op1 da’s raar, volgde je al wel. Ontvolgt en weer gevolgd!
Earlier today we released News SEO 2.0: https://t.co/3KsTw16i7U
@EVeilleseo just tweet it, you can’t dm urls anyway
@EVeilleseo try this: go to SEO -> Titles & Metas and enable “force rewrite”.
@EVeilleseo ?
@richard_jong fixed, dank!
@raisononline ah, get it. Ok will add that as a feature request, seems like a good idea.
@raisononline please expand a bit more, what would you want?
@remybergsma I doubt it.
Today we’re happy to announce the release of News SEO 2.0: https://t.co/3KsTw16i7U
@vasilis nope… http://t.co/AwjuHM6xg6
@vasilis would happily discuss alongside you, I doubt Google knows FF does this… /cc @mattcutts
@vasilis yes you should, rel=next / prev use is a Google best practice… it’s not marked as “prefetch” anywhere…
@vasilis if you don’t want that you probably have a static homepage? If so, set it to that in WordPress.
@BrianRoss_ @WebSynthesis :-)

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