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@ArneGartz We've discovered a small bug in our Dutch translation. So, are you using WP in Dutch? ^Ta
@pelcaro Als je de website onderhoudt zonder dat je er geld aan verdient en bent ingeschreven bij de KVK, dan is 'Persoon' de beste keus ^Ta
We've released WordPress SEO 2.0! Read all about it in our post. https://t.co/9felBZPhic
Read a post by @jdevalk about our WordPress SEO 2.0 release! https://t.co/9felBZPhic
Read about our WordPress SEO 2.0 release in a post by @jdevalk! https://t.co/9felBZxGqE
RT @jdevalk: We’ve just released WordPress SEO by Yoast 2.0: https://t.co/jmKEuOgXZ0
Make your site responsive before April 21st; Google is rolling out an algorithm update! Read this post by @tdevalk https://t.co/1PkfdW8YBz
Is your website mobile-friendly? April 21st Google will roll out a ranking algorithm update! @tdevalk explains here https://t.co/1PkfdW8YBz
Sorry about the database hiccup! The website and latest post by @tdevalk should be working again now: https://t.co/1PkfdW8YBz
@BatchHeader Glad it's all working now! :) ^Th
@BatchHeader Thanks! It should be fixed now, right? ^Th
Google announced an update to their ranking algorithm last month! @tdevalk explains how to prepare your site here: https://t.co/1PkfdW8YBz
@jelmerholtes Vragen kan je, in het Engels, stellen door te antwoorden op de email die je van ons hebt ontvangen. ^Ta
@oozn Correct spelling has been committed to the project. So it will be fixed in the next release. Thanks! ^Ta
Our eBooks also look great printed! http://t.co/l9iFuh1yuW RT @javiernei: Happy with my new book... #SEO by @yoast :) http://t.co/TgHGYJ21mE
@RuthBoulet Sorry for late reply! Did it work out already? If not, could you email pluginsupport<at>http://t.co/Yn28InAotk with details? ^Th
@tbwhs Please contact us via our contact form at http://t.co/UgZUhNfoed. ^Ta
@_ariffahmi You can find his profile at https://t.co/IT84QxWKxB. Very recently added btw. ^Ta
@thegeekyblogger Can you please explain what you experienced? I'd like to investigate. Contact beta[at]http://t.co/Yn28InAotk please ^Ta
Just arrived at #wcldn and already got our first gadget: a mini-drone!! Thanks @godaddy! http://t.co/gWCRqhjIo1

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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