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Have you seen our Black Friday sale? Two very nice bundles: http://t.co/Ya1Et93SUd
@adick_r it was actually a bug in EDD, it’s fixed now.
@Eworm_ nope. og:description is voor FB.
We hardly ever do promotions, but we’ll make an exception now! From today till Monday: http://t.co/Ya1Et93SUd
RT @jdevalk: So… This is what we get for the new EU VAT rules - Sucks to be EU - https://t.co/Grx4AM2dl8 #VATMOSS
@ryanhellyer http://t.co/ah1rLapCqZ :)
For the first time in the two years that we’ve developed our Local SEO plugin, Arjan writes about Local SEO :) http://t.co/Ckbh7JR8JP
@ryanhellyer ugh :-)
Just released WP SEO Premium 1.5.1 with the same fix for a security issue. See WP SEO free changelog for details: http://t.co/2ZrxiSL3Yt
@elliott_stocks yes, update of that is being uploaded right now.
Just pushed out a security release for WordPress SEO. Issue where a post author could XSS an admin. See changelog: http://t.co/2ZrxiSL3Yt
@Tim_vanIersel @WebsiteScanner :)
Reminder: you can now find Joost on @jdevalk, multiple people will tweet on this account.
New article by @mariekerakt: Writing a blog: obtaining an attractive writing style! https://t.co/BMDrH5VZZF
RT @WCEurope: Watch video: Joost de Valk, @yoast - The Devastating Power of Defaults | #WCEU http://t.co/gKKyrndNhK #WordPress http://t.co…
@BlazingMinds it is but only once you publish :)
@goviralnow you pay for premium & get support :-) it’s how we sustain development on an otherwise free plugin with millions of users.
@ryanhellyer what could be… Check @jdevalk’s latest pull request on the repo (about flushing)
@ryanhellyer we always have issues with rewrites… But not this extreme. Will keep a close watch though.
@ryanhellyer @nielsvr that’s not good… Anything we can do to help Ryan?

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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