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@yaamary Yes, you can use the 'wpseo_use_page_analysis' filter (return false on it). ^Ta
RT @WordPress: WordPress 4.2.4 Security and Maintenance Release http://t.co/1mGIOU0wzB
Have you read yesterday’s post by @michielheijmans on how to clean up your site structure yet? Read it here: https://t.co/HDf9jEAjid
@MartinAJSmith Haha, awesome. Now it's up to you to spot the (at least) 10 differences with @jdevalk: https://t.co/AhWYr17599 ;-) ^Ta
@emarts There are a range of free plugins available to do 301 redirects. Or you can purchase our https://t.co/imUYNoHFzz plugin. ^Ta
Republish: @michielheijmans tells you what to do when your site (and its structure) has gotten out of control: https://t.co/HDf9jEAjid
Save up to 33% on Yoast SEO Premium during our Summer Sale and get even higher discounts if you extend your license! https://t.co/imUYNoHFzz
@modelrecommends We have a couple of ways to get support. Please refer to http://t.co/Lpv4obmMKq. ^Ta
"There’s not 1 but 4 methods of getting Google to recognize your video content.” @jdevalk blogs about Video SEO! https://t.co/TOjEeeUdYI
@drateberry You'll need a single site license for network activated plugins. Multiple licenses if not network-activated. ^Ta
Our Yoast SEO Premium plugin makes it easier to redirect your URLs, includes 17 tutorial videos and 24/7 support! https://t.co/X7aARvT9QZ
Our WP SEO premium plugin comes with 24/7 support which we're constantly trying to improve! @tdevalk blogs about it: https://t.co/X7aARvT9QZ
Did you read the post by @tdevalk on the Google Search Console email that went out this week? Read it here: https://t.co/azG2AkfAkP
@jasonclements It isn't easy, you're just that good! #confidence ^Ta
A good site structure increases your chance of high ranking. Read more in this post, or get our eBook Content SEO! https://t.co/fSVUHIbUM4
Google Search Console sent out a notice to a lot of webmasters yesterday. @tdevalk explains it and what to do next: https://t.co/azG2AkfAkP
@jo_capelo If you know anyone who has and is capable, please feel free to refer them to us! ^Ta
@TaufanPR Please read https://t.co/JQsyIDskXD ^Ta
@jo_capelo If you know someone who can write both Galician and English fluently, we'd be happy to add it to https://t.co/ja5qeywhyE ^Ta
@d3ch0w https://t.co/ffe4JTAEm1 & by signing up at http://t.co/C1wOgBrXVN ^Ta

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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