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So… Joost has now officially moved to @jdevalk for his “private” tweets. This account will henceforth be known as Yoast :) ^JdV
My #wceu presentation; “software is only as good as the defaults it ships with”: http://t.co/7ArOQk6LAH
RT @jdevalk: My #wceu presentation can now be seen online: http://t.co/0cZyq4AYDd
@ConcurrentRecov yup…
@ddaan I hooe those changes get bundled into a pull request with more info ;-)
@searchsleuth999 no I stay away from techniques in it that i think are not widely applicable.
@searchsleuth999 which because of the general application doesn’t do some more specific optimization. It’s mostly an enabler.
@searchsleuth999 yes. It’s ridiculously different at times.
@pedrodias @searchsleuth999 large, high authority sites. That’s different from lots of other work…
@pedrodias @searchsleuth999 and their own limitations within it… For instance, 90% of my recent years work has been on
@chapter42 @reinoutw viel spass heren! Volgende keer ben ik er ook hoop ik :-)
@film_girl yeah I feel this whole discussion about comments is lacking some ideas… It doesn’t feel right.
A new post by @tdevalk on @yoast: Google Analytics custom dimensions https://t.co/TSX8AUKepH
@JeanPaulH hmmmm da’s gek. Ik ga het ff uitzoeken, zal je niet langer lastig vallen :)
@JeanPaulH ok nu beter bestand geüpload, als het goed is blijft ie nu op 1.0.2 zonder gedoe.
@JeanPaulH ugh. Je krijgt zo update.
@JeanPaulH hmmpf kun je ff in de code kijken voor me wat versie nummer daar is? :)
@JeanPaulH we hebben een proxy cache die ik lokaal vermeed :)
@JeanPaulH poging 11endertig dan? :)
@JeanPaulH oh wacht. Ik snap het denk ik. Ik word ziek van onze eigen server config maar het komt een keer goed ;)

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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