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RT @merchandise: Te warm in de zon? Sluit je op bij je computert, ventilator aan en kijk deze presentatie van @AGConsult bij @yoast. http:/…
@solutionsSEO well, did you just get yourself caught. That’s blatant spam.
RT @marcbeerens: Thanks for the Real-time Content Analysis tool @yoast. Great for people having it online. Check it out https://t.co/ncdBwo…
Time for Joost's weekly recap, this week with some pretty drastic landscape changes: https://t.co/gknud7kenm
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@bendonaldson It does. And it's added automatically, so no settings needed! ^Ta
@chloraldo I'm afraid so. Seems like the Dutch word for 'and' slipped in here. Thanks for letting us know! ^Ta
@bendonaldson it’s not an option, it’s always on as soon as you enable the plugin.
RT @jdevalk: Real-time content analysis for better SEO - check out how much we've improved our page analysis feature! https://t.co/tzjKNSqz…
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@nshivar We have not seen it lead to any traffic issues. It just seems to be the representation in the SERPs. ^Ta
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@Piktro Work in progress there. Next release should make life easier for you! ^Ta
@srikat That's why we put premium between brackets. It goes for both free and premium :) ^Ta
@5000ma Sure! You can find our documentation at http://t.co/UgZUhNfoed, and if you have a Premium plugin, you can email our supportteam. ^Ta
RT @ifyouwillit: Sooo, sometimes I forget that I'm wearing geeky things. Walked into @shakeshack and someone asked me what @yoast is. http:…
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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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