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RT @jdevalk: Google’s “Mobilegeddon” is on its way - https://t.co/hZ5sOtrrY4 by me @yoast, with help from @searchmetrics
@bradyvercher Your plugin should be in core… /cc @nacin @markjaquith
Read this post by @michielheijmans about everyday website optimization for WordPress! https://t.co/q6cBBwi0Xr
Read a post by @michielheijmans about everyday website optimization! https://t.co/q6cBBwi0Xr
How can we make it easy for WordPress users who just want to update text and images? A post by @michielheijmans! https://t.co/q6cBBwzCm1
Ever wondered about Yoasts SEO approach? Read a post by @jdevalk about our Holistic View on SEO or visit YoastCon! https://t.co/iRnGpcKdXE
Read a post by @jdevalk about Yoasts Holistic View on SEO! https://t.co/iRnGpcKdXE
@TwisterMc We understand it can be a bit much if you manage a lot of sites. Please refer to our Knowledge Base: http://t.co/9CC0xiSqLm ^Ta
At Yoast, we take a Holistic View on SEO. Read all about it in this post by Joost (or visit YoastCon of course)! https://t.co/iRnGpd1Pme
@jason_yingling Could you please try if the steps at http://t.co/nqSeloncrL help you solve this problem? ^Ta
@SterlingTravelr We've forwarded that topic to our development team. They'll look into this today. Thanks for the heads-up. ^Ta
Interested in the how and why of our Google Analytics plugin security update? Read all about it and update your own! https://t.co/T1KDEWcdYG
@jesephm yes, Google parses that just fine it seems.
Read all about our WordPress SEO plugin security update and make sure you go into your WordPress admin and update! https://t.co/KtvDGBTkyr
We’re announcing a security update to both our SEO plugin and our Google Analytics plugin! https://t.co/x3bQ6ntKWC
RT @LEGO_Group: Day 3! RT for a chance to win a LEGO @StarWars Celebration exclusive #LEGOSWCVII #SWCVII #SWCA http://t.co/RnCrNw0JrX http:…
What Google’s changes to the look of URLs in search results mean for you (and a new feature in WordPress SEO): https://t.co/QsHTwjXSAz
@delislejm Could you please send us info on the issue you found at support@yoast.com? We'd love to investigate. ^Ta
RT @Marketingfacts: Nu op M!: Yoast viert haar 5 jarig bestaan! #ADV door @yoast http://t.co/dFj1sx4qKd
@delislejm Could you please confirm you're referring to https://t.co/J67vBxW080? ^Ta

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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