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@CoenJacobs @nostromo @markoheijnen dat niet ondersteunen hebben we teruggedraaid; maar het is ZEKER niet bugloos…
@Otto42 @Ipstenu well this was, I think, the 2nd email I responded to since going away ;-)
@Ipstenu i responded to an email from @Otto42; guessing it’s the same? Note @cageNL no longer works for us; @PvW_NL is the only Dev at work.
@Ipstenu you didnt? :-)
@wpbeginner @UncoverMac damn now I want one too.
@jaapstronks @WebSynthesis ik host er nog wel ja; was ook ff down vandaag zie ik in mail.
@seanvwork both should work
@CarsonLee27 email support they’ll fix it for you.
@VanOnsnl niet helemaal; er komt een (gratis) update die universal ondersteunt. De Premium variant gaat custom dimensions ondersteunen.
@AdobeCare done
@AdobeCare not dumb, as said, have two CC accounts already. You mean I can’t “assign” this to a team member? That’s fine, but how do I DL?
@AdobeCare Hey, added a Photography CC subscription to my account yesterday (on top of 2 normal CC accounts), but can’t assign it to myself…
RT @tomskitomski: Open standards? Yes, I think we will have a bit of that, thank you very much. https://t.co/CwNgBaHYtP @MTBracken
@alexmoss hahaha it would be ;-)
@gfiorelli1 check GitHub ;-) we’re working on it.
@patjem mail ff met support, ik ben in vakantiemodus ;)
@resiever @Webiteers :-) afgelopen maand 5 nieuwe mensen aangenomen, het went snel ;-)
@loopafox @netmeg yeah you can transfer IP. But most of all you can “own” users.
@AlexanderKasten @dr_pete @randfish “<insert random expletive> , ok, let’s see where this goes”
@JamieCasello email support please, I’m out of office ATM

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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