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@DuaneForrester did you download free software again? ;-) /cc @bobrains @ChrisHedgecock
@ukandroid which one?
@LovesMoose we’re sorry about that… Hope it wasn’t a nightmare though?
@401kExpert Google Apps for Domain :)
@eliz_crane that’s… Weird…
@Publiotario :-)
@Publiotario the blog post title might lead to confusion, the plugin name is Google Analytics by Yoast Premium.
@CygnusSEO @JohnMu @DuaneForrester amen. Let’s make this a #DuaneAtGoogle campaign!
@JeanPaulH nee…. Da’s gek, krijg wel andere betalingen binnen… Kijk vanavond ff, nu eerst ff tandarts ;-)
@nacin @markjaquith LOL :-)
@Skitzzo @TimBiden I agree :D oh wait ;)
We’ve just released our Google Analytics Premium plugin! Read the post: http://t.co/Zvn7slTAfO
@HuubBellemakers throwback thursday!!! :-)
@dwed Congrats :-)
@rcbregman @gxjansen gaat allemaal om time spent, als voldoende mensen die video kijken is het bereik zelfs nog hoger.
@CygnusSEO hahaha if 5% of those work :-)
@WordPress_NI good luck to him then :-)
@zegron Well loads, but not for most http://t.co/91ekFQFVNM schemas.
@zegron what are you expecting to find?
@erikmhartman @Iacobien ik geloof dat ik wat mis? :-)

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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