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RT @RSnake: Add these two links together and it’s looking a bit clearer regarding celeb hack: http://t.co/EhVpznqGc6 and http://t.co/ibLovQ…
@AvaloDesign @brad_j_davis well it is with any system that doesn't auto scale. We were taking 500 concurrent hits per second.
@HLFH_Space please email support; they'll fix it for you. Sorry for the inconvenience!
@cjc1867 @michielheijmans @ChurchStateGuy so that's what we'd call theft ;-)
RT @ChurchStateGuy: Just scanned @yoast's new Optimize WordPress ebook. It's excellent, thorough, enjoyable. Well worth the $$: https://t.c…
RT @TheNextCorner: If you run a website on Wordpress, I can highly recommend this eBook from my buddy @yoast http://t.co/paLbmH0rJi who is …
It wasn't Apple that got hacked, could be Dropbox, @searchmartin says: http://t.co/T6fXKv2vIQ
RT @stephdau: Scotland's best chance for independence? Make everybody realize UK will change to FUK if they leave (Former UK): http://t.co/…
@skoobly 95% of the content was newly written for it.
RT @MichelleRobbins: as America runs on Dunkin, much of the web runs on WordPress -> check out @yoast ebook to help you optimize it: https:…
@scottsowle seen the bulk editor?
@paulloermans zonde van het geld om terug te veranderen.
@paulloermans mooi statement om ze zo te laten :-)
RT @brianclark: Reading "Optimize your WordPress site" by @yoast (solid) - http://t.co/gjeLQ5tezN
@RavenJon LOL :)
@michaelsmithAUS well our premium plugin doesn’t do analytics at all.
@luclevesque thx :)
@tamaela @michielheijmans hahahahhahahaha
@michielheijmans @tamaela die andere 2 zijn later aangevraagd, dat dan wel.
@tamaela ja d’r is al een Jos de Valk blijkbaar met boeken en dan koppelt ie verkeerd… /cc @michielheijmans

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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