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Read all about the hreflang tag in @michielheijmans's latest post! https://t.co/az2Kc4PFEJ
The latest post from @michielheijmans about the hreflang tag! https://t.co/az2Kc4PFEJ
Read a post by @michielheijmans about the hreflang tag! https://t.co/az2Kc4y4Nb
@gurudotweb Oh yes, they're all colleagues! Here you see @jdevalk and @MariekeRakt with their avatars: https://t.co/NEdK1B3pm3 ^Ta
Read all about email marketing for ecommerce shops in this post by @tdevalk! https://t.co/1g7qPx2R2L
An article about email marketing for ecommerce shops by @tdevalk! https://t.co/1g7qPx2R2L
A post by @tdevalk about email marketing for ecommerce shops! https://t.co/1g7qPwLgbd
@eddybrockvenom De laatste versie (v1.7.3.3) verhelpt dit probleem. Zie mijn reply hier: https://t.co/LHSi11HT5v /cc @jdevalk ^Ta
RT @Yoast_Updates: An issue occurred when updating http://t.co/udxL17H12D. Therefore we just released WordPress SEO Changelog: htt…
@sugarrae The fix is almost ready and we will ship it once it's properly tested. ^Ta
@shawntempesta Can you please provide a full bug report (http://t.co/mjXXX1ywio) on GitHub (https://t.co/DMvtG8bHa7)? ^Ta
@JeanPaulH Probably not all files. We'll optimize this in future releases. But no, there's no security risk in having them. ^Ta
RT @annyhuberts: Watch this: Making of illustrations for content SEO @yoast https://t.co/aKHoXoQoBl
@jetpack We -most likely- found the cause of the issue, as you can see here: https://t.co/8HOKQvMCPL. We're available for help if needed ^Ta
@iPullRank Thanks for the heads up! I've just sent an email to Fiverr, because this is clearly copyright infringement. ^Th
Are you a photographer? Read the latest post by @michielheijmans on @yoast: Photography SEO https://t.co/5YUZHOHUS6
After the Image SEO post by @michielheijmans, he has now written a post specifically for Photography SEO on @yoast: https://t.co/5YUZHOHUS6
@SheerazRaza If you haven't already, please create a full bug report (http://t.co/mjXXX1ywio) at https://t.co/68k0k6a0EI. Thanks! ^Ta
A new post by @michielheijmans on @yoast: Photography SEO https://t.co/5YUZHOHUS6
@SWohlert Can you please help us solve that by adding a bug report (http://t.co/mjXXX1ywio) to GitHub: https://t.co/EfAELkXdMM? Thanks! ^Ta

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I build & tweak websites for performance, SEO and conversion, often using my WordPress plugins. Blogger, speaker & podcaster. Live in NL with wife and 2 kids.

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