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RT @CSGDC: Govs of 10 East coast states join fed to form consortium promoting development of offshore wind energy
Energy savings at colleges would allow for more funds to be spend directly on students. #megov #energyefficiency
Wondering where to go to vote tomorrow? Look it up online! #megov
Editorial: "... boost to our state’s efforts to lead the nation in this emerging industry." #megov #offshorewind
RT @deepcwind: Did u see the "Setting the Course for Deepwater Offshore Wind" special section that went out?
Bond will increase energy savings at colleges. #energyefficiency #megov
Sun Journal editorial on the bonds: "Wise investment forms the foundation for future growth." #megov
State point man on offshore wind clearly energized | The Portland Press Herald / Maine Sunday Telegram:
Our new theme song- whistle along as you go to the polls on Tue! #megov #its windy
John Porter, prez Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce "June 8th you can brighten Maine's future by voting yes"
RT @AWEA: RT @FirstWind: #Maine voters can vote for energy independence Tuesday. #windworks (TY 4 support!)
Can we afford not to invest in energy efficiency and jobs for Maine people? #megov #mejobs
4 days to June 8! Lets put Maine in a place of offshore wind leadership! #megov #offshorewind
Vote Yes on 2 means investing in Maine's future. #megov
6 days to Cast your vote for energy independence!!! #megov
What does Maine have to gain by voting Yes on 2? #megov
Maine Green Party Published 2010 Voter Guide. #megov
Info on what you will be voting on June 8 for Maine's future. #megov
Yes on 2 is not just about wind- it is about a better energy future for Maine. #megov
Harnessing the power of nature for Maine jobs.

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Vote Yes on June 8 for energy independence and green jobs for Maine.Paid for and approved by the Maine Economic Growth Coalition, Todd Saucier, Treasurer

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