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✅ Sweat ✅ Coffee ✅ Ready for the day https://t.co/lfvni2xu2M https://t.co/sWW2fZ7Xtk
RT @BarackObama: Dr. King was 26 when the Montgomery bus boycott began. He started small, rallying others who believed their efforts matter…
Preparing for the first day of school. https://t.co/ib0LIKdc79 https://t.co/rEPNw1HpQl
Made it past the Couchlandrian Border Patrol and made it back home to the sweat-stained soil of Sufferlandria.… https://t.co/T8kUOdFdGq
RT @michaelianblack: C'mon guys, give the racist liar the benefit of the doubt about whether he said something racist then lied about it.
RT @mshowalter: Remember that time you took it upon yourself to give a press conference where you talked at length about your unsolicited n…
Hey, @MetroParent, fix your unsub link
RT @EricHaywood: *netflix logo* LETTERMAN: dude OBAMA: bruh LETTERMAN: the fuck OBAMA: man, listen LETTERMAN: i know right OBAMA: i t…
#HNY https://t.co/ap7rw5y8cV https://t.co/ZEZxD3BTsM
Bustin’ into 2018 (makes me feel good). https://t.co/TOr5ZIKVn2 https://t.co/ioB1hIAMIa
At the holiday dinner table or on the @cycleops indoor trainers, @beboldcrew keeps it on the plate. #surlaplaque… https://t.co/Co92Teby4P
Truck stop Subway on Christmas. Just like in the movies. https://t.co/iciup1ZVvm https://t.co/z2tyRCUVLF
@IndexModel That’s why I repeatedly yell “I AM ON THE VEERRRGGGEEEE OF A PPUURRRGGGGEEEE” during nights of heavy drinking.
8 Ways To Minimize Alcohol’s Effects on Your Waistline This Holiday Season - https://t.co/xHY7W1vLMB https://t.co/WR1ugP6E2G
RT @jessphoenix2018: If we lose #NetNeutrality, expect the erosion of other freedoms to progress even faster. Block access to information &…
Hey @INDOCHINO, approaching 24 hours since I reached out info@ with a question about any credit. Any chance someone… https://t.co/lLVTUtMlex
Sitting in the warmth, watching my two favorite people exploring the snow. https://t.co/wurPqnA3YD https://t.co/6xVx5Y0cic
Snow! https://t.co/ozU2NKWFDb https://t.co/mmszKzCLCK
The drive to Frankenmuth left him ravenous. https://t.co/VyJaqRW6aa https://t.co/ExhTdAg9dG
RT @2tonbug: Here comes Dracula Here comes Dracula Right down...SANTA CLAUS LANE??!!

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