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@elliotcondon I have a PRO account, but when logging in its saying that there's no account associated with my email addy?
vpmdp;r/;ph)_ <— what happens when you try log to console and your fingers are on the wrong keys
Stoked to have found Young Guns. Loving 'em ♫ Young Guns
BF Friends Season 5 Update:
they don't make jeans like they used to
@wallfish when's the next one happening? looking forward to taking your money.
@jvogelbot don't think i'll stop using Spotify - not gonna pay another $9.99 for another service - it'll just suck 2 not find artists i want
Hate the idea of artists being on EITHER Spotify or Tidal.. so I have to listen to half my favs on Spotify, and others on Tidal? #whynotboth
spend 10 minutes scratching your head as to why your LESS isn't compiling… and then you discover its a : in the wrong place #facepalm
heaven help me… having to do IE8 support on a project
@sdrycroft @linkd @EU_Commission DM me ur details and we can chat
@sdrycroft @linkd @EU_Commission sorry I missed this message.. Haven't been on Twitter in ages. Still keen on this handle?
Loving this track: Eminem - Headlights // #np
@wesley_gee ya there's a problem with the South Region IPC.
“For Martha” by Smashing Pumpkins… that piano piece gets me in the feels every time. No idea why..
Be Happy
@BradElliottSA and there you’ll be on the sidelines, monching a BigMac and laughing at them :P
@mark_forrester unless they changed it since last year… enable it, then spend 10 minutes: Learn More -> De-Activate; repeat;
@mark_forrester its not the ‘bloated-ness’ that irks me.. its that everything is enabled by default.
RT @spillly: Take me down to Pantone city, where the grass is 185642 and the girls are 120912

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