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Look! ---> cnbc8home . com
@kalinkadink Stop what? (Beer colored yarn) http://t.co/OSUTi8Hl
A late addition to the shop: http://t.co/f1FXBAAk
I updated the shop with lots of new colors! Fans of orange should be sure the check it out. http://t.co/EDoFV7AC
@T_Victoria_S Yep! About a week and a half!
We have our first snow flurries of the season!
Only 19 days until Christmas- are you panicking too?
We cheated and started listening to Christmas music already...
A big update just went live in the fiber shop! http://t.co/SjWzRmau
Boo- I need tea, but I'm out of cream :( #badheadache
@jilspn for sure... I have a large pile of yarn all ready to cast on just as soon as my WIP basket is empty.
Yay! One more WIP off the needles. Only 5(!!!) more to go! It will be a very very odd experience to have no WIPs #WIPWrangle2011
@rainydaygoods My uncle was telling me about the ice and snow up on the mountain, didn't realize it was so chilly in the city already.
@JessicaBurko well that is just silly... how are you supposed to get Baby home w/o the car seat installed?!?
@JessicaBurko have you checked with the local fire stations?
@rainydaygoods We haven't done that yet. It was almost 70F here in OH yesterday! Today it is supposed to be mid 60s
Oops, forgot to include the most important bit! Use coupon code FREESHIP27 at checkout!
Free shipping ends today! http://t.co/uyho65p9
I finally ordered the zipper for Little A's Steggy Cardigan. http://t.co/EdSGJMuU #WIPwrangle2011
I received 14 catalogs in the mail today.

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