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RT @LittleHistoryof: If it's #TooHotToSleep, read instead. https://t.co/7GQve7hn3h https://t.co/JwhD5zVxGO
.@RichardDBrownCT: ”fake news can do more than sell… it shapes public opinion, sometimes with deadly consequences." https://t.co/AwmxeUc42o
The @jdforward examines Israel through the theoretical model Michael Walzer employs in "The Paradox of Liberation." https://t.co/D39VhlxP4X
.@Commentary's illustrious Free Speech Symposium featured "The Soul of the First Amendment" author Floyd Abrams: https://t.co/ZYJbFTpaza
Among @FT’s Best Summer ’17 Garden Books: “Gardens of Court and Country 1630-1730” by David Jacques @PaulMellonCentr https://t.co/ol0LORQPbn
Shabbat Shalom! #FF If you’re not following @jewishlives, you’re missing out on brilliant bios & cultural histories… https://t.co/YTecm0hYCB
"Losing an Enemy" by Obama advisor @tparsi @NIACouncil "reveals behind-the-scenes story of the historic #IranDeal." https://t.co/Q02Fh7KrSI
A @NewBooksNetwork podcast interview with Peter Marshall, author of "Heretics and Believers" #EnglishReformation: https://t.co/67KmKHW64o
RT @econeditor: The Summer Books 2017 @FT section is chock-full books from @yalepress & @YaleBooks! https://t.co/f3vRmqAaGO
Author Thomas Hazlett, "a former child actor who served as the FCC’s chief economist in the early 1990s, knows wher… https://t.co/SGg8nDhBul
RT @InfoEconProject: ICYMI: Thomas Hazlett's full presentation to @HudsonInstitute is now available online: https://t.co/HhxpkokkNc #thepol…
RT @tabletmag: New Unorthodox! @jkirchick on the end of #Europe; comedian @NeginFarsad on Islamophobia and #comedy in the Trump era https:/…
RT @ThomasSKidd: 'Benjamin Franklin' takes a more nuanced look at Franklin's views of God https://t.co/g23HJOinJo @csmonitor reviews my ne…
RT @HNet_Reviews: "Between Truth and Time: A History of Soviet Central Television" rev'd on @HNetRussia https://t.co/jsKMP0Q9wZ @yalepress
Journal of #Ethnohistory: Benjamin Madley wrote "a towering book that will…endure as a landmark text in CA history." https://t.co/q9A4InWa9j
.@jkirchick, author of “The End of Europe,” talks w/ @stuffism & @liel about emboldening extremes on both sides of… https://t.co/yH6IANFjeo
.@Tracy_Chevalier ("The Girl w/ the Pearl Earring") reviews @yaleARTbooks "Vermeer & the Masters of Genre Painting." https://t.co/Ex7ndvkUGQ
.@collegeart @caareviews on "Realism in the Age of Impressionism: Painting & the Politics of Time" by Marnin Young: https://t.co/LJZg8B4g4e
"The Tragedy of US Foreign Policy" by Walter A. McDougall @PennHistory is "compelling & provocative." @HNet_Reviews https://t.co/RBxL6toxki
.@NBC2 has rave reviews (4 of 4 Stars) for @chrisirmscher's biography "Max Eastman: A Life." A must-read synopsis: https://t.co/xf0C2uAtzQ

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Founded in 1908 by George Parmly Day, and his wife Wilhelmina, Yale University Press is one of the oldest and largest American University Presses.

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