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Myriad Group acquires Xumii http://bit.ly/37TCW2
imeem users: today (July 15, 2009) imeem has discontinued their photo service. http://bit.ly/IrEiy
@bjblazkowicz thanks for the compliment!
coast is clear! facebook has fixed the problem, and xumii is no longer impacted. xumiiites, you can now add your FB accounts in peace.
UPDATE: The folks at Facebook are having slight technical problems which impacts Xumii users adding FB identities. Should be OK later today
You don't even have to download an app to your mobile to message across your social networks in Xumii Groups http://bit.ly/xtmhU
Xumii's live and ready to message you if you have any questions. check us out at the Xumii Support Group: http://bit.ly/oRUQy
@KJKenner thanks for becoming a Xumii-ite! Have you checked out Xumii Groups yet? On iphone/android/java phones: m.xumii.com
point and shoot with your mobile phone camera: the QR code for Xumii Groups: http://bit.ly/FR7cJ
come chat with the Xumii crew at Xumii Groups - we'll help get you started! if you're on the phone, web or WAP... http://bit.ly/oYY2I
Xumii Groups: chat on the web across social communities - and on the mobile web as well! http://bit.ly/xumiigroups
ReadWriteWeb: Groups - The Secret Weapon of the Social Web http://bit.ly/Q0XiR
Xumii Mobile App update! http://bit.ly/w7m09 You'll get a prompt to download the new version. BlackBerry users: DL from m.xumii.com/get
Forbes: Nokia Ovi Store opening with 20,000 apps, facing different conditions from android marketplace & iphone itunes http://bit.ly/14GJki
an optimistic take after all the doom n gloom: Techcrunch: Just How Much Money Can Free iPhone Apps Make? Quite A Bit http://bit.ly/70r6n
Show your mother some appreciation on Mother's Day through your Xumii iPhone App - http://bit.ly/K8GF7
we wish you a Happy Cinco de Mayo! Be sure to give your AIM, Facebook, etc. contacts a beer with Xumii!
from l.a. times - why text messages are limited to 160 characters http://bit.ly/QxtBt
@JennOntheRox If anything's confusing, feel free to ask us any questions! Check out http://www.bit.ly/ixumii as well--we're a free download!
@JennOntheRox Xumii's a mobile phone app for your iphone / java handset that lets you stay connected everywhere on all your social networks

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