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Living in a community of people constantly moving away might affect your attitude towards friendship #expats https://t.co/1w7yYz3M0B
We will be at the HistoriciDagan (Historian Days) in Utrecht next week. Will you? https://t.co/ImmuOhX4rH https://t.co/2kMeNx7Ul6
Thanks to Carmen Morlon, our official #saudade photographer, for this wonderful photograph of Natalie at work on he… https://t.co/TaD5koua1U
A story of an expat breaking a world record, while doing charity at the same time #expats https://t.co/U5iIyHZPpc
When you are always on the move it might be difficult to develop deep bonds with people #expats https://t.co/BO1D0M06B6
Where should you expect the most difficulties in obtaining a citizenship? Watch to find out! #expats https://t.co/xZs8b197Gy
As it turns out, coming into contact with native speakers is the friendliest way to learn a new language #expats https://t.co/iEeKSZzp81
The expat-experience for introverts: how to survive in the unknown. #expats https://t.co/rcuQhjAvLC
Aside from the mental state, cultural differences might also affect the physical health of expats. #expat https://t.co/d3oYTFnpps
We love celebrating birthdays at the EAC! Happy birthday Myrthe, and thanks for all you do. :D https://t.co/yPjRfjOXZ9
A blog on how to NOT tell your parents you are moving to a (potentially dangerous) destination abroad. #expats https://t.co/BKNSciwc5w
Want to be alone? This is how far it is physically possible to distance you from everybody else on this planet https://t.co/egZyxqpCGY
Amidst the success stories of expats this one definitely stands out. Why? Because it is a story about Kung Fu! https://t.co/9ERC8aTmel
From our archives! “A World Apart” – Saudi Arabia #EAC #expat #archive https://t.co/wOg4oQid3U
#FIGT Conference 2017 – How has living abroad shaped your life? https://t.co/GujHyVgKcn
What do an expat and a detective have in common? And no, this is not a bad joke. #expats https://t.co/QynKoA4W2y
Unfamiliarity with the local culture might result in awkward situations. Want proof? Read this blogpost! #expats https://t.co/Tqn7FKUsWg
Managing dual careers while moving abroad? A difficult challenge, but not an impossible one. #dualcareers https://t.co/k1RUZoKXoE
Have you ever thought of re-living your study abroad days? Here's a fun article of a woman who did so 30 years late… https://t.co/UPCxO8Rs3i
What are the most pressing difficulties faced by expats? Recent academic research reveals #expats https://t.co/EarPBUOk2Z

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