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@kandydevil It was a joke really....I own a toy spaceship...does that make me an alien??
@kandydevil Good Luck with your new found Satanism!! LOL
@paulscheer That is just not being fair to TRON...that movie was pretty ahead of it's time..THE ROOM is an absolute TRAINWRECK!!
@jenna_valentine I Just discovered Danzig - "Thirteen" by seeing it in The Hangover....Have you heard that one??
@pleasurep boomerang!!
@michaelianblack What did you think of The Hangover??...I know you and Zach are cool.
@ashleeadams Its pretty easy...go to your page and click the link at the top..then there are their choices and a box for u to fill your own
@sexzycelina Buckey and Hoopz...any others!!! Line 'em up!!!
@IM_THAT_BITCH So what do you do when a fat bitch does a jail house pose?!? LOL
@CrystalCadahia seeing your a Tool fan..check out his other band Puscifier...funny my cuntry will laugh fo sure
THE HANGOVER...Go see this MOVIE!!!!!!!
@vh1sCornfed One of the best comedies I ever saw!!
RT @off_the_hookah #onthelow I know that my grandparents are active swingers!!
@RZAWU we are blessed Bobby D!!!
@oliviamunn Em doesn't need to have another man drop his crotch in his face for pub!! Rappers just don't do that kinda sh*t!!
@oliviamunn Olivia....there is now way that is scripted...Em seemed pissed for real..."Are you serious" you can hear him say!!
@JoannaAngel Daniels...Dobbs...Dickinson...Davis...Dawson
@keshiaford I'm just sayin keep yourself in a positive light..let haters hate..f*ck em' need to retweet for retweet dope shit!
@keshiaford why would you retweet that?? Doesn't HELP you on twitter.
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