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Something new is coming, are you ready? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fz_VGF_abO4
New Wyzo 3.6 version available for download, with even faster download speeds. http://bit.ly/bi66pI
Wyzo 3.5 is finally here! We hope that you like what we have done. This is our latest version, but it is only the beginning!
@TeufelAbgott Hey! Gracias por probar Wyzo - dentro de poco lanzaremos Wyzo 3.5 y espero que os guste también!!
@joup1 Hey! Gracias por probar Wyzo!! Dentro de poco lanzaremos Wyzo 3.5 y espero que también te guste!
@BarryOCanada Hey! Thanks for your support!!
@nichebk Hey! Thanks for the support!
@RanaMarketing Thanks for your support! Stay tuned for Wyzo 3.5 which we hope you will like too!
@whiting_c Thanks for your support!!
@wachan Hi, Wyzo here! Sorry to hear that! We are getting ready to launch Wyzo 3.5 - much faster and more stable. We hope you give it a try!
@Roodscreen Hi - Sorry to hear that. We are always trying to make improvements, so we would be happy to hear your recommendations!
@dksljets Thanks for your support and stay tuned for Wyzo 3.5!
@arcum Mmmm.... we wonder the same thing.... but we are still and ind company! and when it comes to size we choose quality over size! ;)
@bulmaro We are beta testing right now - very stable, works great... so pretty close to having a release version!
@michaeljreeve Thanks for your support -stay tunned for Wyzo 3.5 is going to be legendary!
@supercumen Hey, Wyzo here! Thanks for your support - and stay tuned for Wyzo 3.5 - Is coming Soon! terima kasih!
@clawpus Thanks for your support!
@arcum Hi! We hope you get try us - think of Wyzo as your good old Firefox but improved and specialized! Try us out and send some feed back!
@mondonosuke ありがとうございました。私Wyzo 3.5にも好きなの希望!
Back from holidays! Suntanned, relaxed and getting ready to release the most awesome Wyzo ever!

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The Mozilla-based browser with BitTorrent support, download acceleration and more

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