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has amalgamated with DramaWorks to bring you AJ Academy of Performing Arts
is preparing for the concert and now offering Christmas vouchers
settling down for the summer
is settling down for the summer
planning planning planning
finalised the concert... then had to reschedule!
has organised the summer concert for Friday 3rd July
is gonna finalise the date of the concert today
should really get organised with this concert
is full of busy... with both schools!
opens the Leeds school today!
is all moved into the new school now!
new school opens on Thursday!
got the keys to the new school today!
is preparing for the next set of exam entries and concert!
is closer to getting the new piano sorted
14 days til the new school opens!
is preparing for the new school opening and the summer concert!
has music schools in Teesside and Leeds www.wynyardschoolofmusic.com also find us on facebook!

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