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Some tweaks and a bit of whitelisting later and Wwwitter works again. We'll see what the next API change brings...
Thursday's changes to the Twitter API mean that usernames are temporarily not showing up. This will be fixed ASAP. Sorry, everybody.
Cool, we're now listed on Twitdom! http://twitdom.com/wwwitter/
Working on adding lots of URL shorteners to our searching. You'd be amazed how many there are.
It seems that tinyurl.com's API is down which will be causing bad results in the sidebar. Never fear, a fix will be in place shortly.
After some user feedback, we narrowed down the sidebar a bit. Keep letting us know what you think of it.
@vanillaportal yes, your message will appear on the page tab and within the site section
@vanillaportal 'This site' shows tweets about any page on the site. There is only one page on www.ittering.com so they show the same.
@alexcwilliams It'd be great if we were invited onto the Oauth beta program. As soon as we are, we'll enable it for logging in.
@Oli4K I hope they don't. Unless they ask us to do it for them, of course ;) Glad you like it, though
A really good write-up about wwwitter and its features: http://bit.ly/spS8I
After a little hiccup, service has resumed along with new 'posted from wwwitter' links under status messages http://bit.ly/rLZTj
@beantin Funny you should mention it, we're working on it already.It'll be launched as phase 2 alongside the current one.http://bit.ly/rLZTj
Thanks for all the great reviews that people have been wwwittering today.
日本語でのレビュー ! どうも。http://bit.ly/U9RgO
A nice spanish review. Gracias! http://bit.ly/V2St9
For those interested, we gather full URLs, bit.ly, tinyurl and is.gd at the moment but we keep adding more. There are a lot of shorteners...
Glad to see the first non-guinea pig wwwitterers out there. Hi.
Definitely the best site I've done a screencast of today... http://bit.ly/3hDSUb
Almost ready http://bit.ly/3hDSUb

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