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A peek of what's going on behind the closure at 410 of crews removing danger trees. Road still closed from MP 69-MP… https://t.co/1xcnUkW52v
RT @wsdot_traffic: Happy #BlueFriday! Heads up: Expect congestion on I-405 & I-90 in 25 min as @RentonpdWA escorts the @Seahawks to @Centu…
@havi2000 https://t.co/KUZt0T3Oap
RT @wsferries: Sea/Brem-Bremerton Seahawks Fans Should Plan to Sail Early. https://t.co/nlNpJ5t82U
@bkeyport @wsferries Maybe someone on the boat speaks whale?
Gotta love the Pacific Northwest, if someone could tell the whales to move along, that'd be great. https://t.co/iJ163dWLhg
You may want a list of rest areas, so you can know before you have to go: https://t.co/pauoX7P2yl #Eclipse2017
@overflowhustle Which project? Give us more details so we can look into it.
@ljm_05 Thanks, letting @wsdot_tacoma know.
Early heads up for a 520 bridge closure 11pm 8/25 until 5am 8/28. https://t.co/h2niwXKqJl
@Gentlemen_Sam @WSDOT_East Any chance you have a milepost?
Busy event weekend in the Vancouver area also. https://t.co/YzhjJXgFjm
@Gentlemen_Sam you can certainly tweet us, or tweet @WSDOT_East I believe Summer is out of office today.
RT @OregonDOT: A1. Unfortunately we don't have a crystal ball for all situations. There are many variables that can affect traffic conditio…
RT @OregonDOT: Q1. What's traffic like between __ to __? Can you tell me when I should leave to get to __? #OReclipse #Eclipse2017 https://…
@overflowhustle Not sure why would you assume that?
@GlenBikes @MillarRoger You interested in sitting down and having a conversation about this? We'd like to fill you… https://t.co/beYUR4nwYz
@chrisprescott2 A wise man once said, one who travels north, must eventually go south for his/her commute.
@jasonrossiter Let's let @wsdot_traffic know.
@dafuq_mac Let's check with @wsdot_traffic

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