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There we go. True colors.
RT @Moosedog23: “I was working as a racist in a cocktail bar, when I met you”
@brightwhite "so I don’t know what the cost is, but I certainly wouldn’t have any aversion to letting people know w…
@vickibowe I've never watched it but I feel like it was on in the nineties.
@GaelicCollege thank you!
@matthaldane For want of snow tires...
There's a show on Netflix with Martin Clunes and Clydesdales. See you all later.
@absurdistwords Yup. Yes. Even north of the border we are aware and worried about this.
*jaw drops, then drops some more*
@HalifaxReTales @lauriecburns @moneyhugger @CentennialHFX And fishing holes.
I'm trying to focus on the Ellen Pompeo salary thing, but my mind keeps going to "Wait, wait. Grey's Anatomy is still on?"
RT @johnlingan: Dearest Martha-- The junkets have been relentless. Once again, we rose with the sun, and made do with room service. Then i…
@krista_oreilly I've got someone on the case for me - thanks!
@lolaaugustine HOw is that hut any warmer than the street?
@bessyn She's a Jack Sparrow impersonator - why not marry herself?
Looking for a NS Gaelic speaker who might be able to help me out with a few words and how they are pronounced. Boch…
@jamespmcleod NO. Especially if you are or are not from the city of which you speak,
@lifeofmytime @nataliejoan @VelvetCyclone HOw did anyone get anything done there? By the time you've all identified…
@lifeofmytime @nataliejoan @VelvetCyclone Haha my last name is Cook, but not The Cook.

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I make tea. I make trouble. I make really funny stuff. Sometimes, I even make nice. And if you buy that, I've got a squirrel to put down your pants.

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