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Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary actually, i dont. Jesus, 10 years. https://t.co/eltIwjVv5U
Good night, old man. :(
@kszwartz Better when it's from the 80s. ;)
Brilliant https://t.co/Ru3Ng0R3sV
Assholes steal pub hurricane shelter space after making jokes on Facebook re people losing their vehicles to flood. https://t.co/ZWqPLto8We
@FloridaInfiniti you made national news. Well done.
@MandyIsMyHero You are entirely too reasonable.
If you were looting food and water, medical supplies, diapers, guns and ammo, I would get it. Boxes and boxes of shoes? Inexcusable.
Okay. I enjoyed The Orville. Plenty of room for improvement but it had heart. #TheOrville
@JRDSkinner Oh my God. They grow out of those pods!
@RicanGorilla @IAmChrisCrespo Lolz
RT @PascoSheriff: Please share NO ONE is being turned away at ANY shelters. This includes pets without papers/tags or people without ID. Se…
@SloaneStephens Only slightly more seriously... congratulations!
@SloaneStephens You caught it before it hit the ground?
@alexayathena Hey Lex!! All good here for now. Little windy but that's it.
RT @ZeddRebel: TFW your Star Trek II ear worm is ready to hatch https://t.co/keNygQqCyo
@ZeddRebel Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
RT @TevinWooten: Hey @floridastate, I pay tuition here. If my car sustains damage, do I get a new infiniti? @FSUAlert @FSUParking cc: Napl…

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