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What are the Limitations of #WordPress .com - http://t.co/BOTVQeMAMv
Why You Should Not Remove Dates from Your #WordPress Blog Posts - http://t.co/W9OqaCE2mU
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Why Can't I Add or Install Plugins in #WordPress? - http://t.co/q0yZeMr5s3
@nzitnetsec you would want to contact the theme's author for that.
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New Video: How to Update URLs When Moving Your #WordPress Site - http://t.co/7b0DOAkLQY
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@andygambles cheers :)
@andygambles when u bring your mouseover the button, does it flicker and change?
@joedom Thanks for the share :)
@GonnekePrak When looking at the post you should see a revisions area, if not, go to screen options in the top right to see if its visible
@andygambles it's working for me on your site ...
@andygambles is JS loading on your end? Because the moment you bring mouse over, it should replace the button with the actual like button
@andygambles just tried it --- it's not doing that for me ... Just does the Like behavior.
@andygambles it's NOT sharing. It's just Liking but upon the like button click, it opens a comment box allowing for an optional share.
@andygambles Like is not sharing the post ... u have to leave a comment to share.

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