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Watching the #streamys LIVE -- really pleased to see some familiar faces in the mix!
RT @BBCBreaking: Saudi Arabia's King Salman issues an order allowing women to be given driving licences - state media…
Alright, the Ataribox *looks* awesome. But can it compete? #ATARIBOX #atari
Sponsorship options for YouTube #Gaming channels? Awesome. #gamingcommunity
With Hulu spending $2.5 billion on original content, are YouTubers getting a piece of the pie? #Hulu
Chrome's changes to autoplay are especially good for people with slow or limited connections #Chrome
And... more outstanding advice. Absolutely, 100% true.
RT @3Blue1Brown: Many surprising facts in the new @tweetsauce video, one of which I helped calculate. Well worth a watch!…
Yeah, advice doesn't get a whole lot better than this.

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