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Wordpress 3.0 early beta is here:
Going out to buy some Pi; hopefully it won't repeat too much.
RT @TechCrunch It's Hard To Watch The Newsosaurs Turn A Blind Eye To Their Own Extinction - by @erickschonfeld
RT @ev BofA is guarded by Wackernut Private Security. I wouldn't mess with them.
Comics and gaming fan? C&G Monthly is on sale, it has two of my articles in it. Buy at large Canadian bookstores
@michellecarroll thanks Michelle!
In case you missed it, check out my article on 20 Years of Photoshop written for WDD:
Happy Birthday Photoshop! A Retrospective of 20 Years of Photoshop, for
Live video of iPad reveal
iPad price starts at $499.00 US #iPad #AppleLive
Apple Tablet is iPad #AppleLive
RT @ajlburke: OH: @j_dan_williams "Legion was so bad I was going to walk out, but I didn't want to wake up my girlfriend"
@ajlburke tks for the site; I like
If you haven't seen the Lego Matrix yet, you really need to:
Best Buy Apple "optimization" is like peddling mythic unicorns based on the value of their horsepower. Brilliant.
Please take 125 seconds and support the Cossart Exchange (Pass this along and vote everyday)
Toronto Star outsourcing some of its editing & design staff:
World's Major Religions Band Together to Combat Climate Change:
It’s On: Website Launches To Combat Transcontinental Contract and Others
20 Ways the World Would Get By Without the Internet:

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