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Twttr to buy Shots: The selfie social network. The final "!" for a cultrl phenomena or the new stndrd in comm? http://t.co/VdenPtrpkD
RT @engadget: Google's virtual reality plans go way beyond Cardboard http://t.co/wmATZ2AMgX http://t.co/SeHzOKyhYM
Dragon Age wins Game of the Year! Congratulations @bioware @dragonagekeep @dragonage
Forbes top 10 Content Marketing Trends for 2015. http://t.co/z7AD9QA6z6
A different lens on some online marketing practices. A man walks into Starbucks... http://t.co/W2fFTRNNEy
Microsoft to unveil Windows 10 consumer features at January event http://t.co/hPQAdju6N7 via @verge
How video game remakes do retro right and wrong http://t.co/Vdh7HfALEa via @verge
Are you looking to create a Franchise Hub for your game? Our model can help you. http://t.co/kB1lZoFVQ0
Xbox Boss: "You Will See JRPGs On Xbox One" http://t.co/SIozhsyhrs
Disney courts Star Wars fans on the internet and then slaps them in the face http://t.co/kYzBxacFbu via @verge
Why Mozilla is scared of Google http://t.co/Mnfe3EQFwE via @verge
#DragonAgeInquisition is here! We partnered with @bioware on 'The Keep', a way to view world state choice and consequence in the DA universe
RT @dragonage: Happy #DAI launch day, North America! http://t.co/jxMmIc6mOG
Groups app makes Facebook about friends again http://t.co/GE4x6wO5wV via @verge
Microsoft starts to open source .NET and take it cross-platform to Mac, Linux http://t.co/mi0KLMKp16 via @VentureBeat
The Console Wars: Holiday 2014 | alistdaily http://t.co/bOq4nGlvux via @alistdaily
Gamergate is dead http://t.co/l3AoeeTjpC via @verge
YouTube now supports 60fps playback, and video games look amazing http://t.co/xbF9BCB3xZ via @verge
Fitbit Tosses 3 More Bands Into the Activity-Tracking Melee http://t.co/Bbsa0H08HN via @technewsworld
Watch the live-action trailer for Ridley Scott's Halo: Nightfall http://t.co/VQaBRUFrRa

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