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@BruceCountyLib I used to love stuffing my suitcase with all the reading everyone else left behind on the plane. #beforekindle #reading
This is so cute I can barely stand it. #orphanedbabykangaroo https://t.co/QsOJHehjLg
RT @rinrinkamma: Where would you like to travel to if money was not an issue?#TravelTuesday https://t.co/lLmiZZumgW
Morocco and the entire continent of Africa, India, China, Europe. Oh just about anywhere come to think of it! https://t.co/AazeV5D6ib
@VeteranHiker A beautiful and fascinating city!
RT @neetaraga: Travel quote #TravelTuesday https://t.co/rhVbJlJIMI
@neetaraga It's sure driving me nuts.
"Fading colors, changing sounds Shades of night come tumbling down Bring tomorrow like yesterday Fade away" After… https://t.co/tuSngv9p6U
RT @Wordsworthians: "Poetry lifts the veil from the hidden beauty of the world, and makes familiar objects be as if they were not familiar"…
@hellbenthorror Lol. One can't ever forget watching her for the first time in my younger days😁
"They’re pictures of emotions and sounds; they’re non-visual things made visual. Music was given color and a shape,… https://t.co/GtaDb824tI
Zoom in. Zoom in. https://t.co/KJT6UWt35S
Used to pretend I was an #archaeologist as a child. Used moms old blush brushes to dust off foundation & tiles of d… https://t.co/yynMIzAhqy
Truly must have been a sight to see! #GreatExhibition in #1851 more than 25,000 people flocked to the… https://t.co/HJ4yaxqmhM
RT @41Strange: "Les Vampires" Louis Feuillade (1915) Illustrations by Drazen Kozjan https://t.co/u5ClWnaCp2
RT @Lauree_LauraLee: write to me on something i can touch...a letter, an inscription...your ink on someone’s paper. i will cherish it. i pr…
@mlg_Sr @realDonaldTrump May I suggest the people that blindly follow him?
30,000 shards of historic stained glass found in Westminster Abbey's attic https://t.co/ymvA4a63Bp via @SmithsonianMag
@GianKeys @Phantom_Thread Why.
@tanyam07 https://t.co/fObGo8WP6b

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