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RT @om: So What Comes After Social Commerce? http://is.gd/0erfri
RT @TechCrunch: The Gifts Project Unwraps - eBay & Index Ventures Inside http://tcrn.ch/hGccYo by @roi
RT @WePay: Holiday (Mis)Givings: The surprinsing personal economics behind holiday giving. Infographic from @WePay: http://bit.ly/gF623V
RT @danbarker: I like this product idea: http://www.thefutureperfect.com/detail.php?id=374 (pretty #ecommerce site too)
RT @TechCrunch: The Hunch Gift-O-Matic Churns Out Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Twitter Pals http://tcrn.ch/i2DKXu by @erickschonfeld
RT @gigaom: Can Hunch’s Algorithm Improve Your Gift-Giving Skills? http://dlvr.it/90cYY
RT @mattwillo: First to go on my christmas @wishli_st is ....... @Lord_Sugar s book, have heard nothing but great reviews from friends a ...
Working on an invites system for http://raisin.wishli.st/
RT @tristanwatson: RT @coldclimate: Just got the best present ever! A @dinohoodie! http://twitpic.com/2947dh. >> V.Cool. Added ...
Do you have an aunty? Then listen up: http://j.mp/9JoTQk
RT @DHS: Just in case you're missing out on the action: @coldclimate has lost his keys but it's ok... they've turned up on twitter: @oli ...
Last night Raisin got a mascot and a leaderboard showing who has the most raisins! Check it out: http://raisin.wishli.st/leaderboard.php
Just found a cute little mascot for our Raisin app - look out for him soon! http://raisin.wishli.st/
What to get your aunty for Aunty's Day this Sunday! http://j.mp/auntywishes with a little help from @SavvyAuntie - thanks!
@savvyauntie Could we run a few ideas post you? 2 mid-20's boys need an expert opinion before posting a blog entry
Wondering what Aunties want to receive on Auntie's Day (@savvyauntie what might be on your wishlist?)
We just added hundreds of new products into Raisin: http://raisin.wishli.st/ Have you signed up for the beta yet?
You can now browse by retailer on wishli.st! http://j.mp/FBwishlist
RT @mattsgarage: Multi-site CodeIgniter application deployment: http://j.mp/9gj50h Handy blog post by @coldclimate! (via @wishli_st)

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