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RT @PopSci: Brewer’s yeast has evolved to make beer taste and smell fruity. And it’s all thanks to flies: http://t.c…
@5adie Ha! No! Although I only just caught the end of that episode, didn't realise they were in our home town! - Ian
@5adie Sorry Sadie, I'll check with Richard - I know he has your details and was looking into this. Will get back to you asap - Ian
@5adie Can you DM me your email address and I'll put you in touch with Richard who'll get this sorted for you. - Ian
@5adie That's odd. Let me look into this Sadie, and I'll get back to you! - Ian
@5adie Are they different whites, just the same brand? The difference in colour is a result of different grape juices.
RT @ChattyRoad: We ♥ Chatsworth Road! If you ♥ it too pls RT as we want more followers! @wineworks_uk @harleysinterior @HarleysUK @DHutc ...
@Levers_Gerard Fantastic, glad we got it sorted for you - Ian
@Levers_Gerard Paul, did someone at the Chesterfield store manage to get you sorted? Just seen your tweet as I was unplugged y'day/2day! Ian
@PiperHarvey Yes, as pressure builds it will start to push the water aside. Soon it will start to bubble - if it doesn't let me know. - Ian
@PiperHarvey Excellent! Let us know how you get on! The Montepulciano is a great choice!
@Thadie How's your wash coming on, has it finished fermenting?
@Thadie Just as a tip - most of the hydrometer should be submerged and you're looking for the upmost part of the scale.
@Thadie Hey don't worry about it, it's what we're here for! Ideally you want to be down around the 990-980 mark.
@Thadie Do you have a beer/wine hydrometer. It should look like this This is what you need to take the reading (2/2)
@Thadie That looks like an alcometer. That will give you the ABV but it's only accurate with finished spirit above 40%. (1/2)
@Thadie That sounds like you are right on course! You're looking for a finishing gravity of 980, but anywhere down to or below 990 is good!
@Thadie Having said that if you can move them to a cooler spot, that would be better! If you can't, don't worry! / @lovebrewing
@Thadie It's not ideal but it won't have too much negative effect. They will ferment faster that's all. / @lovebrewing
Paul, do you have a commercial beer in mind that you'd like to match?

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