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RT @hrw: US police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes — combined https://t.co/CEXH9F2ODu https://t.co/7ZDBGsa…
@Wildlife_Jack And demand reduction has been going really well. Like the war on drugs, right?
@seandewaal Maybe it will do as well as the war on drugs has done, right?
Mr GGreenwald, are these also fictitious basis for impeachment? https://t.co/BV7SJGgTOr ? @davidmirandario @AndrewDFish
@LosPadresNF Could you please inform if, as of today, views of the NE sky from the top of Mt Pinos are affected by these unfortunate fires?
@ruima @Bitinvest Keep in mind this notice is ~2hrs old. The bank notice isn't timestamped but this post is: http://t.co/cnbJlBZ6mU #bitcoin
RT @btcdrak: By popular request, my stock reply for PM/DMs written yesterday http://t.co/ZNa18cmoCs #bitcoin
RT @neuroMode: @LetsTalkBitcoin I'm also interested in hearing a take on the merits of a multi-PoW blockchain like #MyriadCoin on your show
@fullhdpixel That's good because #MYR is a long term one.
@supachimp @onemanatatime I put a comment in the article... (#edgecoin = #scam)
@crazy_crypto Yes. Worst case you buy it back at a very similar price.
Chbtc desc convo w bank of china. Believes all bitcoin bank accts will b closed. This time is result of a tipoff! https://t.co/hf30AAjORi
@onemanatatime you in?
The future for #Liberdade looks bright http://t.co/mkisByB7oN #CreditCards #Unbanked #underbanked @BryceWeiner @BlocktechCEO
RT @MATTERmidia: What kind of info could possibly have been obtained by #Heartbleed: http://t.co/snX1wBp0ap @whitehatsec
@roycemcutcheon @CoinMKTcap Cryptorush's hole, counting alts, is 1200+. http://t.co/cDx9BUppZt
It took 3 hours for @indutny to pull #SSL private key out of @CloudFlare's #OpenSSL test server. It's official. Change your passwords -now-
@CryptoBrah: @neuroMode @cryptocube @CoinBaron @CryptoWars Crypto will mass adopted by the un/underbanked b4 gets adopted by the banked.
@onemanatatime I don't think it's that unlikely but it surely isnt worth thinking about it :)
@onemanatatime For all I know #Bitcoin might have been invented by China, Russia, or another smaller country: https://t.co/5hudrHppQC

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