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episode 4 - PR level 1 course week 4 https://t.co/XNLyIfCP0z
episode 2: Pilates Republic Level 2 Friday 630am 22/4/16 https://t.co/HRL1EAff67
Then a portal opens in the universe and the spiky balls turn ORANGE!!! http://t.co/NIXLSaeOAs
What did your Pilates session look like this morning? Welcome back EJ, the Village wasn't the sameā€¦ http://t.co/weD1yQYxak
Ralph: so yeah boddhi, I get the inner peace thing, easy, but where's my treat? http://t.co/r3tXwm8HmH
Who's got the best unilateral, stable glutes on the planet... Get ready TWD'ers I've got a new favourite. http://t.co/kHzUM9ZMoF
Join Michelle (not heath you'll be pleased to hear) and get your groove on. Tuesdays 715@TWD http://t.co/3BTnPSShDZ
Unidentified, large metal objects seen approaching Footscray Pilates studio...what can it mean?! http://t.co/sJBv2YOVwU
Ideas... Like trams, always one coming but not always when you need one... http://t.co/ugCZjYfyek
The rooster of judgement replaced by the benevolent zebra... http://t.co/F6rl92w7de
A beetle covered in mirrors. Of course. http://t.co/CJGq0Yf3nz
Something you might find yourself doing in the new TWD stretch class. Starts next Saturday! http://t.co/oGSd44U9Mc
The inline lunge, everybody's favourite way to spend 90 seconds? http://t.co/WNB99k0fz3
Wheeee! http://t.co/BIaOdP4i85
The wonder wall...more exercise variations than you can poke a maple pole at. http://t.co/CLMPQ8YtfP
'Portrait of a yoga block as a military posture' 2014 Polyurethane, rubber, sand #posture http://t.co/F6uyOiZr8s
'Portrait of a yoga block as kyphosis lordosis' 2014 Polyurethane, sand, rubber #posture http://t.co/1ivrk2bFuP
'Portrait of a yoga block as a flat back' 2014 Polyurethane, plastic, sand http://t.co/gDv2QFjSj3
The Village: High Intensity Pilates http://t.co/5AWPR8tEZg
Morning meditation complete. Now to massage the forearms... http://t.co/iC7VP7PC0r

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