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38% of American workers covered by employer health insurance plans have at least a $1000 deductible. Consumerism is beginning to take hold.
The US stock market is going through one of the longest periods in history without even a 10% price correction - Barrons
Here's how much $100 is worth in your state http://t.co/9hBL75BrKg via @YahooFinance
Forbes again places Des Moines #1 on their list of "America's Best Cities For Young Professionals". The median metro salary is $51,200.
Rich people save their money & spend what's left. Poor people spend their money & save what's left. What do you do? http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy
Bankrate survey- 36% of US citizens have nothing saved for retirement . Save early and aggressively- NOW is the best time to start saving!
"America isn't going to be so reliant on foreign energy for much longer." - Richard Branson http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy
Business expansions don't die of old age: They are killed by an unpredictable shock- Bob Hall Stanford U. economist http://t.co/auVFEP2yHZ
Winds of Change in Saudi Arabia's Investment Climate | Mark Mobius http://t.co/2Cw5Afp2fJ Fascinating! the Internet is educating the world.
If politicians do not tame baby boomer benefits, the benefits will eventually consume the rest of the federal govt and our children's wealth
Social Security trustees estimate that trust funds will be consumed by 2033- leading to about 75% of scheduled benefits paid thereafter
Medicare hospital insurance trust fund is now projected to be depleted in 2030 - higher taxes & borrowings are likely to be needed- Barrons
Social Security Disability trust fund is about to be depleted, probably in 4Q 2016. Workers would face nearly 20% cuts in benefits- Barrons
Eat healthy, stay well, and save money. Taking care of yourself as you age may lower costs. http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy
@PeteOlsen :) Please share your secret to overcoming laziness...
A couple retiring this year needs an average of $220,000 for medical expenses in retirement-excluding OTC drugs, dental, and long term care.
The average retiree household spends $5,118 per year out of pocket on health care - Bureau of Labor Statistics
US health care is shifting from a fee for service model to a fee for outcomes model. The next few years may be turbulent for the industry.
Fed Chair Janet Yellen is not inclined to raise interest rates until U.S. workers start getting pay raises that are > the rate of inflation.
US worker wage gains have been 2.3% in the past year- scarcely > inflation. Workers are running in place- Barrons http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy

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