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Crude oil closed at $83.22/bbl last week. Russia breaks even on their oil production at $110/bbl - CNN Fareed Zakaria GPS
"Potential (Eurozone) growth is low- and lower than we thought. That needs to be fixed."- IMF President Christine Lagarde - Barrons
Fracking has resulted in increased US oil supplies. But hedge funds selling their long positions has been a prime factor in lower oil prices
A slowdown in the world economy could hurt the U.S. expansion and prompt a delay raising interest rates - Fed Officials - Barrons
Unless you are a short seller, it rarely pays to be pessimistic. http://t.co/ur4RkDsayH
"The process of learning will never end because the world is such a big place and there is always something new every day." - Dennis Lim
http://t.co/0S2NZisTv9 Interesting commentary from Bill Gross on what returns to expect from various asset catagories in the next 3-7 years
It is possible that half of all humans who have ever been over age 65 are alive today - Fred Pearce on the UN's population projections
U.S. regulators cut in 1/2 (by $100 billion) the amount of cash the 30 biggest banks are required to have in a crisis - Barrons
Americans are saving more of their income than before the Great Recession - 5.7% of their income as of July, 2014. Barrons
A Shift in Global Economic Power from the U.S. to BRICS? http://t.co/Gjf3kX5o8i
38% of American workers covered by employer health insurance plans have at least a $1000 deductible. Consumerism is beginning to take hold.
The US stock market is going through one of the longest periods in history without even a 10% price correction - Barrons
Here's how much $100 is worth in your state http://t.co/9hBL75BrKg via @YahooFinance
Forbes again places Des Moines #1 on their list of "America's Best Cities For Young Professionals". The median metro salary is $51,200.
Rich people save their money & spend what's left. Poor people spend their money & save what's left. What do you do? http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy
Bankrate survey- 36% of US citizens have nothing saved for retirement . Save early and aggressively- NOW is the best time to start saving!
"America isn't going to be so reliant on foreign energy for much longer." - Richard Branson http://t.co/f6qJZtwBgy
Business expansions don't die of old age: They are killed by an unpredictable shock- Bob Hall Stanford U. economist http://t.co/auVFEP2yHZ
Winds of Change in Saudi Arabia's Investment Climate | Mark Mobius http://t.co/2Cw5Afp2fJ Fascinating! the Internet is educating the world.

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