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The US govt federal debt is $18.962 trillion dollars. Note to presidential candidates in Iowa - the next POTUS will need to deal with this..
U.S. GDP in the 4Q of 2015 expanded weakly +0.7%, after a 2.0% advance in 3Q 2015 - Barrons - https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Japan's central bank took a main lending rate into negative territory for the first time ever to stimulate its flagging economy - Barrons
The Fed signaled concern about the global economy last Weds, raising questions about a slower pace of interest rates increases- Barrons
Walmart retrenches, closing 269 underperforming stores, in the U.S and Latin America - The Economist https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Sign of the times? WHSmith, a British book retailer, had its best Christmas in years due to the craze for stress reducing coloring books
Global stock markets are perturbed by news that China's economy grew at 6.9% its slowest pace since 1990 last year - The Economist
Twitter is contemplating extending the max number of characters in tweets from 140 to 10,000. Are they looking to become more like Facebook?
By appreciating what you already have, you amplify abundance https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
RT @sshllp: Rise in consumer borrowing fastest since pre-crisis https://t.co/TkxDSAaWjT beware interest rates will rise and disposable inco…
Interesting observations on the state of investing currently in Frontier Markets/https://t.co/KJyFnIzhfe
Re: Boomers at age 70 - Compared with people reaching the same age in 1965, today's 70 year olds can expect fifteen more years of life- AARP
Top 10 Technological Breakthroughs for 2015 https://t.co/xqty2S7N8t via @HuffPostTech
The price volatility in worldwide stock markets will likely continue this year -Learn to live with it | Mark Mobius https://t.co/MUXcpykUea
New U.S. Dept of Health 2015 Dietary Guidelines- limit sugar to 10% of daily calories. Do they really believe we don't eat enough dairy?
U.S. workers (ages 51-69) are saving 9.7% of their income. Trend is up from 8.1%. The target goal needs to be 20% - Fidelity Invts Survey
U.S. workers (ages 35-50) are saving 8.2% of their income. The trend is improving but the goal needs to be 15-20% - Fidelity Invts Survey
Millennials (ages 25-34) are saving 7.5% of their income. The goal needs to be 15% - but the trend is improving - Fidelity Invts Survey
The top personal financial resolution for 2016- to stick to a budget -Financial Engines Survey of 1019 U.S. adults https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
China Stock Market Regulators are open to Circuit-Breaker Tweaks as Analysts Highlight Flaws https://t.co/zS7hxPjhsZ via @markets

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