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Craft brewers now account for more than 20% of America's $100 billion beer market - The Economist https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Japan's economy fell back (-0.8% gdp) into recession in 3Q 2015. Businesses are drawing down inventories rather than investing in new stuff.
Fed Reserve meeting minutes suggest that they could "pause and reassess" after the first increase in interest rates in December - Barrons
Gray's Lake in Des Moines, Iowa USA https://t.co/SFTuJyh00Y
ECB Stands Ready to Print More Euros Attempting to Raise European Core Inflation Rate from 0.1% https://t.co/v5ejxOTr4t via @business
Americans' money focus: Pay debt now, save later https://t.co/tzYjEamj41 via @YahooFinance
How many Americans aren't saving enough for their retirement? How much is the shortfall? https://t.co/uOxRgg4ACO https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Obamacare helps 17.6 million people get health insurance in the past 2 years. There are still 32 million uninsured in the US - The Economist
Emerging Markets Appear Undervalued | Mark Mobius https://t.co/stYY8d6Fb3
Wall Street lobbies to delay a fiduciary rule designed to ensure brokers offer unconflicted advice https://t.co/nhaDye0P6c via @YahooFinance
The US government debt is over $18.5 trillion. Even with low interest rates, its debt service accounts for 6% of current government expenses
Wage pressures are rising by > the US government data indicate & are likely to trigger a Fed interest rate increase in December - Ed Hyman
Mobile (broadband) Internet services will reach 54% of the world's population by the end of 2017 - PricewaterhouseCoopers projection
China's total household wealth jumped from $6 trillion to $23 trillion over the past 15 years. U.S. remains the world leader at $86 trillion
U.S. Congress approved a two year budget deal, increasing spending by $80 billion & bypassing military & domestic spending limits - Barrons
2015 is already a record year for the number of announced business mergers in the US- worth $1.73 trillion through Oct 28th - S&P Capital IQ
The World Health Organization declared processed meat as causing cancer (ham, sausage, bacon, probably red meat) - The Economist
India's Ambitions - Growth Plans - | Mark Mobius https://t.co/DT6io6y0SC
A proposed U.S. budget bill would end the practice of file & suspend - nixing extra benefits to retirees waiting to file for Social Security
China has delayed deleveraging. Growth of credit (debt) is still outstripping economic growth - The Economist https://t.co/auVFEP20lp

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