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"Whatever we give our attention to, and believe in , tends to become our experience." http://t.co/wOWdeboD8J
Can a person born in seeming poverty control their thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices and rise above their limitations?
Lower energy prices might further delay interest rate hikes by the FOMC- source CME website as reported in Barrons http://t.co/wOWdeboD8J
Glencore's Australian mines have closed down for three weeks to cope with a market that is "awash with coal". Wall St Journal
A trading link between Hong Kong and Shanghai was established giving foreign and Chinese investors trading access on each other's exchanges.
Russia receives nearly half their federal revenues from oil. Putin says they are preparing for a "catastrophic" drop in oil prices - Barrons
U.S. crude oil production has increased to over 9 million barrels a day, a pace not seen in decades due to advances in drilling technology
It strikes me that current public retail investment in broad market ETFs feels like the early stages of another cycle of momentum investing.
Year to Date stock market returns - India +34.7%, Greece and Russia -30.8% and -30.4%, US +8.8%, World (ex US) -3.8% - Barrons
Easy money - European Central Bank appears ready to print more money to stimulate more growth and inflation in Europe - Barrons
The US dollar neared a 4 1/2 year high against a basket of currencies last week- Barrons http://t.co/ur4RkDsayH
Saudi Arabia appears likely to lower their oil production if prices fall to $70 a barrel from Friday's price of $78.65 - Barrons
Low growth and uncomfortably high inflation in Brazil: Mark Mobius http://t.co/IaQKqCCz4F http://t.co/ur4RkDsayH
"Gratitude is the fairest blossom which springs from the soul." - Henry Ward Beecher http://t.co/ur4RkDsayH
U.S. stock prices appear to be on the high side of fairly valued, with investors feeling moderately optimistic about the next 12 months.
U.S. lower & middle income households are running in place -their wages have grown just enough to keep up with inflation - Barrons
U.S. GDP growth +3.5% in 3Q 2014 - now showing the strongest six month increase in more than a decade - Barrons http://t.co/ur4RkDsayH
Bank of Japan added substantially to its asset purchases (money printing) creating a strong rally in international stock markets last week.
Fed Reserve will maintain interest rates at near zero after ending its money printing until stronger employment or higher inflation occurs.
A good description of behaviorial finance and understanding investor psychology - http://t.co/qcJ7UxGYdM

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