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China launched the world's first satellite using quantum entanglement technology which should ensure that communications can't be hacked.
U.S. news media overhyped the Zika mosquito threat during the Olympic games... It's wintertime in Rio de Janeiro and the southern hemisphere
When Netflix moved from streaming video on its own computers to using Amazon's cloud, its system admin employees fell from 90 to 3- Barrons
The share of U.S. households renting rather than owning is 37.1%, a high level last seen in 1965- Barron's https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Health insurer Aetna bails on Obamacare in 11 of 15 states this year, citing financial losses - # of sick people signing up > healthy ones
There's a good chance that oil prices will move higher through year end 2016. The oversupply from 1Q has largely been worked off- Barron's
The U.S. stock market's march to new highs has been helped by the perception that Clinton will prevail in November's election - Barron's
"The will to win is worthless if you do not have the will to prepare"- Thane Yost https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Stock selection & active investment management can have a tremendous payoff during periods of low returns- https://t.co/auVFEP20lp
Expanding Social Security could cost $1.2T over 10 yrs when fully phased in. You could invest a lot for that. https://t.co/KxC9O1OY9r
In the year 2000, the average pension plan was 100% funded. At year end 2015, the funding ratio was just 72%- Ctr for Retirement Research
Misaligned medical system priorities? Nutrition is not tracked in most electronic medical records. Only 2.7% of Americans eat a healthy diet
The difference between eating healthily and poorly in America is $1.50 per day or $2737 per year for a family of five- Adam Drewnowski UWash
Record high crops for corn & soybeans are expected this fall. Iowa farmers potentially face a 3rd year of losses due to lower grain prices.
Facebook has made changes to its website to enable ads to sneak past ad blocking software by disguising them as original content- Economist
Around the world, countries such as Denmark, Japan, Sweden, & Switzerland have negative interest rates- i.e. their borrowing rates are < 0%.
4 Skills You Need for a Successful Retirement https://t.co/zdY15X4itq via @YahooFinance
When you trade your unmet expectations for appreciation for what you do have, your life changes in a moment- Tony Robbins
Google has left. Facebook is blocked. Amazon is struggling. Uber is dead (business operations) in China- The Economist
Bitcoin, a virtual currency, plummeted 22% after a digital currency exchange in Hong Kong was hacked- creating a possible theft of $65 mil.

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