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RT @billymitchell1: The 17 Best B2B Content Marketing Posts Ever Written http://t.co/YliBLBFRbX via @mltcreative
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@GeneSobolev, sure. You can DM me info.
RT @geoff_deweaver: Brand value is very much like an onion. It has layers and a core. The core is the user who will stick with you until th…
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@Cignaquestions, thank you. I have responded and look forward to your follow up.
#wednesdaywit&wisdom: check out how some #b2b brands get 67% more leads than their competitors http://t.co/3s4ba224RM http://t.co/ZFakfixUaq
@Cignaquestions, I have emailed you 2x. Problem has gotten even worse regarding denial of payment for lifesaving drug. Pls get back to me.
@Cignaquestion, I will do so now.
@cigna, please have someone in charge contact me now so I can get life-saving meds. Keep being given wrong info by @Cigna. Frustrating!
@cigna, can u help w/ major problem w/your drug plan? Can't get life-saving drug paid for. Frustrating!
@cigna, having major problem w/ your prescription plan. Keep getting wrong info & can't get life-saving drug paid for. Frustrating!
3 Strategies to Help on Your #B2B #Marketing http://t.co/JPjSLL645S by @HuffPostBiz
#wednesdaywit&wisdom: check out how some #b2b brands get 67% more leads than their competitors http://t.co/LuyND10QQH http://t.co/rsk3KAiFYL
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5 #B2B #Brands Getting it Right on LinkedIn (And How You Can, Too) http://t.co/CmwGRBfbwp by @wendymarx
5 #B2B #Marketing Beliefs And Trends Debunked http://t.co/qx1plKmC8X by @b2community

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