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visit my blog @ Looming Medical Emergency: <!-- I am calling attention to the dire… http://goo.gl/fb/CaB5u
visit my blog @ Healthy Weight the Backbone of Life: You may beg to differ but in my opinion… http://goo.gl/fb/XqvWn
The data informs national policy setters and local officials looking to improve the health of residents. http://bit.ly/a2bJGg
During the week eat at or below your maintenance level of calories and don't eat bread or lots of fruits. http://bit.ly/bXE14g
Personally, I think that's overrated: Strength building raises your metabolic demand, and THAT burns calories. http://bit.ly/byyxd3
Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson is urging women to give up going on diets. http://bit.ly/d2Evxn
Cardio tennis is a great workout using your tennis skills," said fitness expert Denise Austin. http://bit.ly/cxNtqP
A cinnamon solution may help prevent diabetes and heart disease, say scientists. http://bit.ly/9Ab18W
Patients with osteoporosis have softer bones which can cause spinal surgical screws to fall out, the team found. http://bit.ly/9f1dRV
The study has been published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. http://bit.ly/9ic4ic
Like vegetables, it is also recommended to have two to three servings of fruits in a day. http://bit.ly/cwVXRa
So how do we eat healthy without completely overhauling our diets full of Port of Subs and Panda Express? http://bit.ly/bapFDb
Health care, wellness, food nutrition, exercise, medical research news by reporters Kelly Brewington http://bit.ly/alKiex
Researchers used improved insulin sensitivity to measure the success of the lifestyle intervention. http://bit.ly/bgutN3
Exercise leaves you feeling full, according to research at University of Campinas Brazil http://bit.ly/96YlxT
Our mission: possible for this week is to increase the amount of regular daily activities to burn more calories. http://bit.ly/dbHB23
Drinking water may speed up weight loss http://bit.ly/azfUzR
A cheap weight-loss tip that really does hold water http://bit.ly/bY5uJY
LifeCoach: type 2 diabetes http://bit.ly/c4zxWD
Instead, it's the amount burned just to maintain your body functions at rest, aka "resting metabolic rate," says Egan. http://bit.ly/bRfepg

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