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According to a recent UN resolution, clean water and sanitation are now fundamental human rights.
Great Pacific Garbage Patch -
Good Faith Business Practices: WeDrink Bottles for America's Economic Health |
The Charity Bottle - for February, all proceeds go to charity! |
For February, we're donating all our charity contributions to Haiti Relief via the Red Cross! |
big things: WeDrink Choice, new Insulated Bottle - perfect for the winter! how much do you want to give to charity? |
Recently launched the newly redesigned WeDrink site, still working on some kinks, but loads better than our old piece:
@ninevehparker We dropped Twitter a little while back, but saw your tweet about ThisOrganikLife and WeDrink - we'd love to work with you!
@ninevehparker Awesome! Looking forward to it!
Reports coming in that SIGG bottles have had BPA all along | | Try a WeDrink noBPA steel bottle:
Michael Pritchard's developed a pretty incredible Water Filter (via |
RT @MensHealthMag: the real difference (or similarity) bw bottled water and the stuff from the tap-would you still pay up?
Bottled Water heading downhill |
RT @thirstaidlive if theres a #thirstythursday (missed #waterwednesday) check @hydroheroes @wedrink @jerryminer @cleanh2oaction @runforwater
Announcing our sponsorship of @dailyburn 's CEO fitness challenge! 90 days to get in shape:
quality front page story @MensHealth today: the Truth about Bottled Water. Definitely some good info for both genders |
@MarkEdwards the spammer follow debate is one we've been having ourselves. But blocking spammers seems like a huge waste of time...
Woo, busy week after launching the Choice bottle (you choose your charity donation) ! ( How's everyone doing?
WeDrink Choice: the stainless steel bottle that lets YOU decide how much you can give to charity. Giving all we can! |
Fun web exhibit: what's the true color of water? |

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WeDrink: The Charity Bottle. Each reusable stainless steel bottle is also a donation to water relief charities!

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