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RT @SethAbramson: You nailed it Steven. Trump was getting briefings beginning in early August 2016 and knew about ALL of this but did NOTHI…
RT @TopherSpiro: NEW: From us and Harvard researchers: the Senate bill could result in 18,000 to 28,000 deaths in 2026.…
RT @TopherSpiro: 8: According to the nonpartisan Urban Institute, this gimmick hides $467 BILLION in additional cuts to Medicaid. https://t…
RT @TopherSpiro: 7: The most severe Medicaid cuts begin in 2025. This is a timing gimmick—designed to hide the full impact beyond 2026.
RT @TopherSpiro: 5: Based on an employer survey, as many as 27 million people in employer plans nationwide could face limits.…
RT @TopherSpiro: 3: For someone at the poverty level, the deductible could skyrocket from $100 to $7,500. Think about that.…
RT @TopherSpiro: 1: There are many devastating aspects of this bill. But let me take you on a tour of some horrific aspects that are less w…
@Dianna_2Ns It's just insane
RT @ddale8: I know people are getting desensitized to Spicer lying, but this is one of the biggest lies the Trump White House has ever told…
RT @SenKamalaHarris: Just got off a call with @SenFeinstein & hundreds of local leaders. We’re in agreement – this disastrous health care b…
While this clustering of talent and economic activity in urban cities powers innovation/economic growth it carves deep divides into society
Society is changing city by city even neighborhood by neighborhood our politics are becoming more concentrated & consequently more polarized
It can only come from our many and varied communities, who know best how to address and solve their own problems & build their own economies
If we are ever going to rebuild our cities/nation including suburbs & rural there is one way forward & it doesnt & cant start in Washington
Be it the left or right no single strategy can address the needs of a country as geographically culturally & economically divided as America

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