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@byjoelanderson You forgot Nick Cannon, Joel.
@fanelli Henry Kissinger: Buzz Bissinger
@AlexandraSklar Like Alibaba's?
He said "my pen is Henry Kissinger, Buzz Bissinger" and it's the first time I ever thought about the Paris Accords… https://t.co/S0Y3pVlWWc
@OldTakesExposed ^
@pomawhit That's a great idea Whitney.
@MatthewACherry He’s wearing @IkireJones too.
@das_twig homeless?
@andrw_j I believe that is true. But I also believe that Amazon can build a lane for smb’s and potentially hinder S… https://t.co/FKb5wl8JUd
@2POODYTANG Well, the repeal is bad, especially for eCommerce (load times, etc). That’s a given. But there are alwa… https://t.co/LCpFJOv54C
Help me start a thread of all of the ways that the repeal of #NetNeutrality will change online retail. Include pote… https://t.co/KZmiJzXngf
@MartinezKemuel @deray @Genius @Spotify Go kick rocks seems akin to come get these hands.
The @Genius integration for @Spotify is so useful and entertaining. This was such a great idea and it shows the imp… https://t.co/6GtPwhK0ME
@johndurant Fair.
@johndurant A private real estate company is, you’re right. Not a White House staff, however.
@johndurant I agree with you but you also prop up one of the most blatant displays of American nepotism we’ve seen.
@sacca @TVietor08 @deray @Catherine_Hoke @bfeld @DefyVentures You bet, Chris!
@fivefifths I hope she sells (7) books.
@sacca @TVietor08 @deray @Catherine_Hoke @bfeld @DefyVentures I tried to volunteer / donate and they never got back… https://t.co/4lkLf47wZd
@msuster @theinformation I hope that Jessica changes the entire game. I am tired of hearing dinosaurs say that she’s wrong.

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