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My Daily Twittascope - You might attempt to retreat into a more private space, for too much social activity today m... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
My Daily Twittascope - You may think that your plans are well researched and that you are doing everything just rig... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
Sorry 4 not tweeting much lately. My laptop needs a service & could b out 4 a few days. If u want a RT just ask @wealthedu Will RT later.
My Daily Twittascope - It may be extra work for you to keep your scattered energy from drawing others away from the... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
Over the next few days, I'll be looking at some of t software out there which will make life easier in twitterland 4 RT's etc. Suggestions?
Big thanx 2 all of my retweeters & followers in twitterland. I think I've found the reason 4 t sudden drop in followers. The dormant A/Cs!
The no of people I am following just took a sudden dip of ~ 250. Is it due to the new twitter software weeding out all suspended A/Cs?
My Daily Twittascope - It's challenging for you to retreat from a position you took, but you might have been too ea... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
My Daily Twittascope - Your key planet Mercury talks you into standing up for what you want. But making a case for ... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
Off to bed now. Its 1am here in Australia. Time to rest the aching back. Good night everybody. :-)
RT @wikiworf: @wealthedu I can totally relate. My legs are killing me. Thank you for caring. Hope we both recover soon.
RT @happyzog: @wealthedu Get well soon, take care. Many thanks.
Looking for feedback on what you twitterers want to see in my updates. Should I keep retweeting everybody, some or none. Suggestions?
Have RT'd almost all @ replies manually but I have noticed that although this practice has gained me many new followers, a lot have left.
Noticed a lot of people have stopped following me over the last 2 days since I stopped tweeting. I want to find out why this has happened.
Been suffering from burnout with a severely aching back the last 2 days. Massage hasn't helped. Just feeling too exhausted 2 tweet. Sorry.
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My Daily Twittascope - Your key planet Mercury is stirring up trouble today as it sends mixed signals your way. You... http://bit.ly/YAdyK
RT @BodyByChocolate: Body By Chocolate man C's these RT 'ers RICH @wealthedu @nanachtoronto @judismile @starlingpoet @CEOTransformer
RT @BelleKarper: RT @Steph_JW: @wealthedu @yearning4d_sky @CEOTransformer @BelleKarper @sueyoungmedia @FranchiseU Many thanks for Mentions &

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