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@JoelOsteen @Kisssykisskiss This is true! Especially for Pisces. Letting everyone in, deceptively seems like a good… https://t.co/B03Q7KTU25
Liked this more than I thought https://t.co/gjYhIGqARm
RT @leapmarketseo: Client spotlight: Bear Appliance Repair Service in Manhattan, NY! 4-star rated local appliance repair. https://t.co/jHWZ…
@Camila_Cabello congrats 'Mila! Very emotional performance, like a true Pisces! Best wishes. #CryingInTheClub
@KisssyKiss You look good, and very free (which is kinda ironic). Not a prisoner of fate
RT @DancingABC: Injury? What injury? An Argentine Tango from the unstoppable @NormaniKordei and @iamValC! 🌟#DWTS https://t.co/uJtOmTsd6l
@KisssyKiss I do know "the devil/Satan" is originally known as the accuser. You're onto it w/ slander/false accusat… https://t.co/Gt4UGXAoT8
@KisssyKiss https://t.co/5cDDaajEq5
@KisssyKiss I'm verrrry curious. If you don't mind, what do you think God's purpose is for you? What does he want you to show us?
She's a pretty girl⚡️ “Casey Anthony speaks out for the first time since acquittal” https://t.co/LgRivmqqjR
RT @sherrishavon: The Trump administration in a nutshell. #MorningJoe https://t.co/Stt4dvmgU1
@KisssyKiss https://t.co/nNa6wWQ0dw
@KisssyKiss https://t.co/mTU7YKpNps
@KisssyKiss of course they do. :(
@Blaiss @Blaiss in this situation she's putting her money where her mouth is.With her reputation, the last place I'd be is a mob sized crowd
RT @MerriamWebster: We now enter 'ghost' as a verb, and @giphy made us this GIF to celebrate the occasion.👻 https://t.co/hvj0UVimiK https:/…
@KisssyKiss I believe you, but not everyone has that level of faith
@KisssyKiss you've got some balls
RT @NFL: WOW. Amazing. @ladygaga's #PepsiHalftime Show! 👏 #SB51 https://t.co/z9vCKRBKkC

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Imaginative and contemplative. I like to share my thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

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