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@KisssyKiss Sometimes it happens to the best of us. Even Jesus was considered the biggest deceiver of his time
@KisssyKiss I appreciate the insight
@KisssyKiss why would you. That's like bending to other people's will/opinion of you
RT @CNNSotu: Clinton camp studied undecided voters and found "basket of deplorables" had more impact than Comey letter. #CNNsotu https://t.…
RT @krisstraub: black lives matter “actually ALL lives matter” ok. happy holidays “NO. MERRY CHRISTMAS ONLY”
RT @sita3croft: Passive aggressive Frenemies. (With @jessismiles__ & Chelsea Morgan) (Vine by @funnyordie) https://t.co/z0rkUxA7o9
RT @JamesMelville: Passive aggressive Wifi network war. https://t.co/MWIjMfNrho
RT @VictorPopeJr: My son got mad at me yesterday and opened all the bananas in the house. What type of passive aggressive monster... https:…
@CBrown915 How are you doing?
@CasePhotoLLC how are you doing?
@CasePhotoLLC best of luck to you!!
@CasePhotoLLC this is the path you chose Pisces! Deal with it!
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Wayne Brady by Day | The Imaginative Dreamer: The Illusions or Maya http://t.co/BaNK59WcPz
Till The World Ends: Optimism is the message of this video. Even when the world around you seems like it's crumb... http://bit.ly/e2rLNF
YouTube - Three Things About Islam: http://bit.ly/f1FacK
Showing Gay Teenagers a Happy Future - NYTimes.com: A new online video channel is reaching out to teenagers who... http://nyti.ms/g27Qhp

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Imaginative and contemplative. I like to share my thoughts, dreams and fantasies.

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